Livestock Environmental Stewardship Workshop
Monday, November 3, 2003

Tour Missouri River Feeders
Depart from Seven Seas
Dr. Karl Hoppe, Area Livestock Specialist, Carrington Research Extension Center
3:30 Tour Missouri River Feeders
5:30 Depart for Seven Seas
Supper on your own
Tuesday, November 4, 2003
8:00 Introduction
• Principles of Environmental Stewardship
• Whole Farm Nutrient Planning
Bridget Johnson, Area Nutrient Management
Specialist, Dickinson Research Extension Center
8:45 North Dakota Regulations
Brady Espe, Environmental Scientist, North Dakota Department of Health
9:45 Break
10:00Animal Dietary Strategies
• Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Nutrient Excretion and Odor from Swine, Dairy and Beef Animals
Dr. Greg Lardy, Beef Cattle Specialist, NDSU Extension Service
11:00Manure Storage and Treatment
• Planning and Evaluation of Manure Storage
• Sizing Manure Storage, Typical Nutrient Characteristics
• Manure Storage Construction and Safety, New Facility Considerations
Wes Wiedenmeyer, NRCS State Engineer
1:30Manure Storage and Treatment - Continued
• Management Options Scott Ressler, Environmental Services Director, North Dakota Stockmen’s Association
Jason Wirtz, Dairy Pollution Prevention Program Coordinator, Department of Agriculture
2:30Composting Practices
Charles Linderman, Area Livestock Waste Management Specialist,
Carrington Research Extension Center
3:15Land Application and Nutrient Management
• Soil Utilization of Manure
• Manure Utilization Plans
• Land Application Best Management Practices
• Selecting Land Application Sites
• Phosphorus Management for Agriculture and the Environment
Jon Stika, Agronomist, NRCS
5:00Supper on your own
7:00Air Quality Issues in North Dakota
**Open to the public**
Dr. Larry Jacobson, Professor and Extension
Engineer, University of Minnesota
Wednesday, November 5, 2003
7:30Breakfast buffet
8:00Land Application and Nutrient Management - Continued
• Land Application Records, Sampling and Equipment
Charles Linderman
9:00Outdoor Air Quality
• Emission from Animal Production Systems
• Emission Control Strategies for Building Sources
• Emission Control Strategies for Manure Storage Facilities
• Emission Control Strategies for Land Application
Dr. Larry Jacobson
10:45Outdoor Air Quality - Continued
• Controlling Dust and Odor from Open Lot Livestock Facilities
Dr. Karl Hoppe
11:15Related Issues
• Emergency Action Plans
Charles Linderman
• Mortality Management
Dr. Jon Van Berkom, Assistant State Veterinarian, North Dakota Board of Animal Health
1:00Comprehensive Nutrient Mangement Plans - Work session
Wes Wiedenmeyer
Alan Ness, State Agronomist, NRCS
3:00Wrap Up and Evaluation



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