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Damaging storm in Southwest North Dakota . . .

Heavy wet snow received on October 4 & 5 did extensive damage to many local trees and shrubs. Many questions are being asked on what to do next. Jerry Larson, retired Stark County Extension Agent and DREC Horticulturist provides some guidelines:

  • Evaluate damage on each individual tree
  • Remove broken branches or tops of trees that are still attached. This will avoid further bark tear injury on the tree.
  • Once injured branches have been removed, you have the type of tree that you want in your landscape.
  • Trees too severely damaged with reduced ornamental value or are still a hazard tree should be removed.
  • Trees with less damage should be given some time for further evaluation; at least until next spring.

It’s important to make proper pruning cuts to avoid additional damage. If you are not sure what to do, ask for professional help.

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