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Protecting Roses for Winter
By Jerry Larson, DREC Horticulture Specialist

Popular roses, hybrid teas, grandifloras and floribundas, can be grown in North Dakota but they require more care. The major need of these roses is winter protection. Roses need protection from extreme cold temperatures, fluctuating temperatures and winter winds. Most shrub roses do need additional protection.

In November cut back the stems to about 18 inches. the suckers should be removed below the soil surface.
Tie the canes together and mound about 8 inches of soil around the base of the bush.
For added protection, add 10-12 inches of leaves, hay or straw. You can use tree branches or chicken wire to hold the mulch material in place. It is important to apply mulch only after the ground has frozen to avoid mouse problems.
Styrofoam cones may also be used to protect roses. Prune roses enough so the cones fit over the bush. Be sure to secure the cones and puncture several 1 inch holes around the top for air circulation. You can cover rose bushes with cones only or provide additional protection by adding soil and mulch material inside the cone.

Remove the cone or mulch material from the roses round mid April but this may be adjusted to match spring weather.

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Protecting Roses for Winter


  Figures were taken from the October 1988 North Central Regional Extension Publication No. 252


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