Winter Reminders


Rain and snow, starting on October 17, 2006, was a quick reminder to us what winter weather can be like in Southwest North Dakota. Fortunately, we didn’t experience the severe landscape plant damage that occurred with the 2005 early October storm.

There is still time to work on some late fall yard chores that will protect trees from winter injury such as:

1. Sunscald-is caused by the reflection of the sun off snow in the winter. It causes a burning of the bark that can lead to more serious tree injury. As the symptoms advance, sunscald can restrict the movement of water and nutrients through the main trunk. Soft bark trees such as apple, and maple are the most susceptible. Tree wraps and spiral tree protectors will control sunscald.

2. Mice and rabbits-can cause some major tree damage through their stripping of bark from trees and shrubs. Soft barked trees like apples ,wild cherry, and plum are favorite targets.

Fine-meshed hardware cloth cylinders or vinyl spiral protectors will protect trees will protect tree from mice and rabbits. The spiral protectors are very easy to attach to the tree and is my control measure of choice. Protectors should be removed in the spring.


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