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Current Range/Grassland Projects


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The objective of range research is to develop management strategies that increase herbage production and improve wildlife habitat, domestic livestock performance, the economic status of North Dakota producers, and the biological performance of grassland ecosystems.  Research is directed at understanding manipulation of mechanisms and processes of both the symbiotic soil organisms in the rhizosphere and vegetative tillering from axillary buds so that this understanding might be applied to the development of these management stratetgies.

Dickinson Research Extension Center collaborates with various departments at NDSU and other agencies.  Some of those collaborative studies include:

The range extension program provides information through written reports and publications and through oral presentations, papers, seminars, lectures, in-service and workshops.  Range-site field tours are conducted  to illustrate and explain management principles.

On-ranch evaluations and recommendations about management strategies that manipulate biological mechnisms, improve efficient use of natural resources and correct management practices that hamper plant and animal production are also provided by the range staff.

Range/Grassland Staff:


Dr. Llewellyn Manske, Range Scientist

Nickole Dahl, Research Specialist

Sheri Schneider, Information Processing Specialist


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