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Conventional-tillage plots
Conventional-tillage plots in legume establishment trial in DREC field N4. The plots in the background were planted on November 29, 2001. (date picture daken). The blue flag (left of center) was planted to yellow sweetclover; the white flag (center) was seeded to medic; and the orage flag (right of center) was seeded to alfalfa. The block of tilled ground in foreground will be seeded with theses same legumes in the spring.
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Roger Ashley
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
Project Title:
As part of the project entitled Integrating Crop and Livestock Systems with Forages in the Great Plains, the SBARE Hay Subcommittee provided funding for dormant-seeded aspects of the project. The dormant-seeded study, Improving Forage-legume Stand Establishment with New Seeding Methods, is funded by the SBARE Hay Subcommittee.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Patrick Carr
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