Dormant-Seeded Canola

Two planting dates were used for dormant-seeded canola. On the first date, polymer coated seed was planted on November 16, 2001 when both soil and air temperatures were 40oF. Then on November 29, 2001 uncoated seed was planted. Canola seed for both planting dates was treated with benomyl and metalaxyl fungicides.

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Dormant seeding canola on November 29, 2001 at the Dickinson Research Extension Center. Air-temperature was a crisp 5oF but soils had not frozen yet. Soil-temperature at the time of seeding at the four-inch depth under stubble was about 31oF.



The single disk opener of this no-till drill easily penetrated the snow, residue, and soil to plant canola to a depth of ¾ inch during this dormant-seeding on November 29, 2001.



The residue in this dormant-seeded plot was disturbed very little during the no-till planting operation. The residue will catch snow and keep the seedbed moist early next spring. Weeds that will germinate and grow next spring will be controlled with glyphosate in the Roundup Ready Hyola variety used in this study.


  The slot cut by the single disk no-till drill was sealed by the packing wheel during the no-till planting operation of this dormant-seeded canola, November 29, 2001.

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