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Perennial Rye Forage Trial Site 1- 2002

Dickinson, ND

VarietyYield Harvest MoistureDM Yield
Dry Matter12% Moisture
1st Cutting2nd Cutting Total1st Cutting2nd Cutting1st Cutting2nd Cutting2 yr avg
Crested wheatgrass0.
Dumont oat1.4--1.41.6--67--1.4
1Perennial rye--------------.9 *
Regal meadow brome0.
Robust barley1.3--1.31.4--70--1.4
Russian wildrye2.
Western wheatgrass1. 2
Trial Mean1.
LSD .05NS30.1NSNS0.1110--

1Plots in this study were established in 2000; perennial rye was damaged over the winter in 2001 and killed completely over the winter in 2002.

2Only one year's data.

3NS=no significant difference.

Perennial Rye Forage Trial Site 1 200
Dickinson, ND
Variety------- %--------Yield-------------------------- % ----------------------------ppm
1st cut2nd cutlbs/ac1st cut2nd cut1st cut2nd cut1st cut2nd cut1st cut2nd cut1st cut2nd cut
Crested wheatgrass24.320.0472.030325756666475106730460
Dumont oat11.9--331.638--59--59--94--487--
Regal meadow brome23.113.4547.1323756586460107961090147
Robust barley13.8--342.031--51--65--118--310--
Russian wildrye15.110.5683.0373866546060841041087163
Western wheatgrass21.916.9566.03235636164619593317137
Trial Mean18.415.2490.533355957636296100670227
LSD .052.31.6NS223321NS6NSNS

1CP = Crude Protein, ADF = Acid Detergent Fiber, NDF = Neutral Detergent Fiber, and TDN = Total Digestible Nutrient concentrations; RFV = Relative Feed Value.


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