North Dakota State University
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Publication EC752

(Revised -  July 2009)

Business Reports, Forms and Licenses Required in the 
State of North Dakota

All businesses, whether operated in the form of proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations, are subject to certain legal reporting and tax payment requirements. These requirements relate
either solely to the employers, the employees, or the types of business.

This publication is intended primarily to aid people contemplating going into business or who have just started a business in North Dakota. Each business has reports, licenses, or permits
that are unique to that particular business. The information in this booklet will help business people save time in determining the common state reports, forms, and licenses required of their
business in North Dakota and when they are due.  Professional Assistance may be needed.....Information included in this report, including the filing requirements, form numbers, and
reasons for the forms, was obtained from the various agencies to which these forms must be submitted. These agencies usually provide the necessary forms, related information, and
instructions on how to submit them. Legal and other professional assistance may be required for many types of businesses.

SECTION 1 - Contains reports, permits, notices, and forms required by the State of North Dakota

The following three sections contain license requirements of business people by the State of North Dakota. For information on the area that relates to your
business requirements, please click the following:

                     AGENT                BUSINESSES                 INDIVIDUALS





This publication will be made available in alternative format for people with disabilities upon request by calling the NDSU Extension Service at (701) 328-9718

Information compilation for this publication was provided by the North Dakota State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee and the North Dakota State University Extension Service.

Every Business is required to be registered with the Secretary of State before granting of a License for operation in the State of North Dakota




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