Livestock Waste Technical Information and Assistance Program
The Livestock Waste Technical Information and Assistance Program’s goal is to improve water quality in North Dakota by educating livestock producers on suitable livestock waste management techniques and facilities and increase their utilization of livestock manure in crop fertility programs.

Waste management is a visible and restrictive program that affects all livestock producers. Improving the environment of confined animals by stabilizing soil with fly ash, controlling runoff, irrigating with livestock runoff, and composting plant and animal biomass are areas of current and future focus.

For more information contact:

Chris Augustin
Nutrient Management Specialist
NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center
663 Hwy. 281 NE
PO Box 219
Carrington, ND 58421
fax 701-652-2055

North Dakota Discovery Farms
A Discovery Farm is a working farm or ranch voluntarily cooperating with local, state and federal natural resource managers to demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of various practices at reducing environmental impacts while maintaining farm profitability.

Discovery Farms will be located across North Dakota to account for diversity of agriculture, topography, weather and other factors.

Each Discovery Farm will address specific grass-roots issues that are of greatest importance to the cooperating producer and that region of the state. With this grass-roots focus, the results from each Discovery Farm will have local application, as well as relevance to a broader range of the farm/ranch population.

For more information contact:

Ron Wiederholt
Nutrient Management Specialist
Carrington Research Extension Center
663 Hwy. 281 N.
PO Box 219
Carrington, ND 58421-0219
(701) 652-2951

fax: (701) 652-2055