2004 Beef Research Report


The Carrington Research Extension Center is proud to present this annual report of beef production research and educational activities. The objective of the collective effort represented in this publication is to offer new ideas and information which lead to greater financial returns and improved quality of life for those involved in agriculture.

The reader is encouraged to interact with faculty on topics of interest. If you have questions or comments on past research, or suggestions for future studies please e-mail or call (701) 652-2951. These proceedings are also published at the Carrington Research Extension Center website at www.ag.nodak.edu/carringt/.

Beef Research
Beef research at Carrington includes cow/calf studies and feedlot trials. The mission of the cow/calf enterprise research is to study methods of crop-livestock integration. The cow herd can add value to low cost crop residues and co-product feeds and create a more biologically and economically sustainable farming operation in an intensively cropped eco-region. Cows can lower the financial risks associated with crops-only farming. Similarly, the feedlot enterprise has been proven to be economically competitive in North Dakota when management and economies of scale are optimized. The abundant variety and quantity of feedgrains and processing co-products in the region insure competitive feed pricing for North Dakota feeders.

Waste Management
Waste management is becoming a more visible and restrictive program that affects all livestock producers. Improving the environment of confined animals by stabilizing soil with fly ash, bedding, and providing wind protection are critical to good animal husbandry. Containing runoff is essential for permitted operations. Composting manure and determining nutrient value of manure are current program focal points.

Effect of Pulse Grains on Performance of Newly Weaned Feedlot Steers Barley Malt Feed Variations in Diets for Growing and Finishing Beef Steers
Effect of Supplementing Ruminally Undegradable Fiber to Feedlot Steers on Fecal Nutrient Fractions and Fecal Ammonia Emissions Effect of Processing Flax in Feedlot Diets on Beef Heifer Performance, Carcass, Composition, and Trained Sensory Panel Evaluation
The Effect of Rumen Degradable and Undegradable Protein Supplementation in Barley-based High-grain Finishing Diets on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Traits of Beef Steers Effects of Including Flax in Creep Feed on Grazing and Feedlot Performance of Beef Steers
Digestion of Barley-based Grain Diets Supplemented with Rumen Degradable and Undegradable Protein in Steers Research on Two-rowed Feed Barley
Evaluation of Performance and Carcass Quality of Finishing Beef with Natural Feeding Practices in North Dakota Effects of Bedding on Winter Performance of Feedlot Cattle and Nutrient Conservation in Composted Manure
Discovering Value in North Dakota Calves: The Dakota Feeder Calf Show Feedout Project III Early Weaning for the Beef Herd
Effect of Breed of Sire on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Beef Cattle Barley Malt as Creep Feed for Beef Calves
A Comparison of High-profit Beef Cow Herds to the Total Herd Group Livestock Composting as an Alternative Disposal Method


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