The Northern Crops Institute’s
Feed Production Center


v     The NCI feedmill is an integral part of the teaching, research and outreach missions of North Dakota State University and the Agricultural Experiment Station.

v     The NCI feedmill is a full-service facility able to produce complete feeds, concentrates, supplements and custom premixes.

Ř       Size reduction center

§         Particle size reduction of whole grains, oilseeds, pulses, or other material Mixing center

§         Combining major and minor ingredients into a homogeneous blend

§         Ability to add liquids

Ř      Further processing center

§         Manufacture of pellets

Ř      Warehousing and delivery

v     The NCI feedmill is uniquely suited to serving the region’s academic institutions.

Ř      Ability to identity preserve (IP) ingredients for the duration of an animal study.

§         Provides for formulation integrity, reducing the chance of unintended variability in the experimental design.

Ř      Offers complete control over diet formulations.

§         Eliminates the chance of incidental ingredient changes that occur in commercial feedmills that follow standard production protocols.

Ř      Emphasizes the multi-disciplinary characteristic of the agricultural sciences.

§         Provides opportunities for associative research by engaging the Animal and Range Science department with Plant Sciences, Cereal and Food Sciences, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Veterinary and Microbiological sciences and other disciplines conducting or assisting with food animal research.

Ř      Provides “hands-on” experiences in feed manufacturing technology to undergraduate and graduate students.

§         Enables students to experience the practical aspects of feed manufacturing technology.

Ř      Serves as a site for continuing education programs.

§         Artificial Insemination (AI) schools for area dairy producers.

§         Feedyard and Beef Quality schools for those interested in beef production.

Ř      Can be used as a “for-hire’ research platform.

§          Collection of real-time data of manufacturing processes, or ingredient performance to evaluate real-world applications.

v     The NCI feedmill has provided in excess of 21,000 tons of feed since becoming operational in 1991.

Ř      During calendar 2001 the NCI feedmill produced 1,992 tons of feed.

§         There were 1,525 tons of standard production feed and 467 tons of research feed.


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