Beef and Bison Production Field Day

Carrington Research Extension Center
North Dakota State University Agricultural Experiment Station
July 14, 1998



Agenda: Beef and Bison Field Day 1998


Performance of primiparous lactating drylot beef cows on crop residues and processing co-products, V.L. Anderson

Wintering mature beef cows on straw or stover, Dale Burr and V.L. Anderson

Effect of crambe meal on performance, reproduction, and thyroid hormone levels of mature gestating and lactating beef cows, V.L. Anderson, J. S. Caton, and J. M. Kirsch

Field peas in creep feed for beef calves: progress report, V. L. Anderson

Economics of beef cow enterprises in east-central North Dakota, Steve Metzger


Evaluation of durum midds in finishing diets for yearling steers, V. L. Anderson

Fall Calving Dakota Finishers: An alternative system for targeting beef production to different market seasons, K.F. Hoppe, V.L. Anderson, P. Nyren, and H. Hughes

Field peas in diets for growing heifers, and backgrounding and finishing steer calves: Progress report, V. L. Anderson

Alternatives for feeding cattle in the North Dakota - Cooperative feedyards and feeding clubs, K.F. Hoppe

A Checklist for Feedlot Siting and Environmental Compliance, Scott Birchall


Commercial Bison Production: Economic Analysis and Budget Projections, Steve Metzger and V. L. Anderson

Progress in the Development of the Bison Nutrition Research Facilities, V. L. Anderson and Jackson Hagen

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