1996 Beef and Bison Production Field Day


This publication is a summary of the research conducted at the Carrington Research Extension Center Livestock Unit and with cooperating producers during the recent past. The station's mission is to conduct research useful to the livestock producer. The focus of the studies are on beef cattle nutrition and management for both cow/calf and feedlot enterprises. Some of the trials focus on alternative management systems and new or alternative feed sources that could lower production costs for cattlemen. A new area of emphasis is in bison production and this years title reflects increasing studies in bison feedlot. This publication includes both progress reports and final summaries.

Many of the studies conducted at the station are planned and executed in cooperation with researchers at other stations and in other disciplines. This cooperative spirit is important to accomplishing the mission of the experiment station system. Thank you to all who have participated in these studies. Appreciation is expressed to Karl Hoppe, Area Livestock Extension Specialist, Dale Burr, and Jackson Hagen, Livestock Technicians, David Copenhaver, other farm crew members and summer temporary employees for their efforts in support of research reported in this proceedings.

The Beef and Bison Production Field Day is held in conjunction with the summer crops field day to present a comprehensive review of all programs at the Research Extension Center in a one day event. Crop and livestock producers may choose from many different subject matter tours offered in the morning and/or afternoon.

If you have comments, suggestions or ideas that you would like to convey to the staff at the Research Extension Center, please write or call: Carrington Research Extension Center, Box 219, Carrington ND 58421, (701) 652-2951. I hope you find the information in this publication useful.


Vern Anderson
Animal Scientist

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