The NDSU Extension Service annual crop scouting program in south-central North Dakota continued this week with the emphasis on disease and insect presence in small grain. On June 13-14, 28 fields (4 barley, 1 durum, and 23 spring wheat) were checked in Barnes, Stutsman, Logan, McIntosh, Emmons, Burleigh, and Kidder counties. The crops were in the late tillering to early jointing stage.  Tan spot was found in all but two of the wheat fields with more mature fields (early jointing) having higher incidence (86-100% of plants) and severity (2-15% of leaf area).  Contributing factors were the wheat-on-wheat ground with high residue and the damp conditions.  Three of four barley fields show signs of net blotch with higher severity (38-100%) but minimal intensity.  The infections have appeared mostly on the bottom leaves.  A barley field in Logan County is being checked for Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus.  Young grasshoppers were found in field margins in 22 of 28 (79%) scouted fields.


(Jerry Schneider)