South-Central ND


During June 5 to 11, area rainfall ranged from 1.8 inches at Harvey to 0 to 0.14 inches south of I94 as recorded at NDAWN sites. Three to 6 inches of rain was reported in Sheridan County. Hail occurred in Eddy, Foster, and Wells on June 8-9, causing variable but generally low injury to crops. An inch or more of rainfall generally would be welcome throughout the region, especially in counties south of I94.


Some sunflower planting still remains along with annual forages. Crop conditions vary, depending on amount of recently-received moisture. Pasture and hayland conditions generally are poor, especially in southern counties. Emmons and Logan counties recently received clearance to graze CRP acres.


Herbicide application in small grain, corn, canola, and field pea is in progress. Also, herbicide application is beginning in CRP for noxious weeds including absinth wormwood, Canada thistle, and leafy spurge. Herbicide drift complaints are beginning to be received. Disease and insect problems generally continue to be minimal. Grasshoppers are becoming more common in areas adjacent to fields in the >dry= counties. Insecticides for grasshopper control along field margins have been applied in southern Emmons County.



Greg Endres

Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center