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August 19, 1999


A special local needs label for Roundup Ultra and Roundup Ultra RT is now available for late-season weed control in North Dakota pulse crops. Roundup may be applied as a pre-harvest treatment up to 1 quart per acre or as a spot treatment for perennial weed control at 2 to 3 quarts per acre in field pea, lentil, and chickpea (garbanzo bean). Refer to the Roundup label for details regarding use.


Hard red winter wheat may be a crop to consider planting this fall to intensify crop rotations or to put land into production that was not seeded earlier this year due to restrictive soil moisture conditions.

The recommended winter wheat seeding date for the southern half of North Dakota is September 10 to 30. Planting prior to the recommended period increases risk of disease (e.g. wheat streak mosaic) and may reduce winter survival. The recommended seeding rate is 900,000 pure live seeds per acre. Higher seeding rates should be used for large-seeded varieties, late seeding, or poor seedbed conditions. Plant the crop into standing stubble or other appropriate cover to provide adequate snow cover for winter survival.

Choose a winter wheat variety that has good winterhardiness and yield, as well as other desirable agronomic and quality characteristics. NDSU-released varieties to consider include Agassiz, Elkhorn, Ransom, Roughrider, and Seward. To assist with variety selection, the following table lists 1997-99 performance data from the Carrington Research Extension Center. Note that lodging scores are on a scale of 0 to 9 where 0 equals no plants lodged and 9 equals all plants lodged at harvest time.

HRW wheat variety performance, Carrington, 1997-99.
                 Plant      Grain      Test     Protein
Variety          lodge      yield     weight   (1997-98)
                 (0-9)      bu/ac      lb/bu       %
Agassiz           2.3       39.2        60.2      13.4   
Alliance          1.9       44.0        59.2      12.6  
Arapahoe          1.2       47.6        60.6      14.4        
CDC Kestrel       1.0       54.0        58.7      12.1   
Elkhorn           2.0       55.9        60.4      14.1   
Nekota            0.2       43.8        60.6      14.0   
Ransom            2.4       55.1        59.3      14.0    
Roughrider        1.9       44.4        60.8      14.9   
Seward            2.5       56.4        60.8      12.6     

Consult NDSU Extension Service offices for details on winter wheat production information including Extension Bulletin 33 "Winter wheat production in North Dakota".

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