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July 8, 1999


Delays in herbicide application in dry edible bean may have occurred due to frequent rain, windy conditions, etc. The following are application timing limits for post-emergence herbicides based on dry bean stage: Pursuit, Raptor = Prior to flowering. Assure II, Poast, and Select = 30 days or more before harvest. Basagran = No crop stage restrictions. Refer to the herbicide label for other herbicide application timing considerations including weed size.

Also, consider the following label recommendations regarding the timing of between-row cultivation following post-emergence herbicide application in dry bean: Basagran = Do not cultivate within 5 days of application. Timely cultivation 2-3 weeks after application may assist weed control. Pursuit and Raptor = For maximum weed control, cultivate 7-10 days following application. Assure II = Do not cultivate within 7 days after application as damage to the grass roots may result in unsatisfactory control. Poast = Do not cultivate within 7 days after application. Cultivating 7-14 days after treatment may help season-long control. Select = Cultivation of treated grasses within 7 days after application may reduce weed control.

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