Trifluralin may cause injury to small grain. A NDSU study was conducted in 1997-98 at Carrington and Cass County, ND to determine if a crop response occurs with trifluralin in selected hard red spring (HRS) and durum wheat cultivars.  HRS wheat cultivars tested included 2375, AC Barrie, Butte 86, Gunner, Keene, Kulm, Oxen, Parshall, Reeder, Russ, Trenton, and Verde. Durum cultivars tested were Ben, Belzer, Maier, Mountrail, Munich, and Renville. Spring-applied, preplant-incorporated (PPI) trifluralin granules (Treflan 10G) at 4 and 8 lb/A were used in this field study. Spring-applied, PPI trifluralin granules are labeled for foxtail suppression in durum at 4 lb/A and in HRS wheat at 3.5 to 4 lb/A (west of Hwy 3 only).


At all four environments, crop injury increased with increasing trifluralin rates when visually evaluated. At Carrington, injury generally did not vary among HRS and durum wheat varieties with trifluralin at 4 lb/A. Grain yield was not reduced at Carrington. At Casselton in 1997 and Prosper in 1998, wheat stand density generally decreased with increasing trifluralin rates. For example, HRS wheat stands with trifluralin at 4 lb/A were reduced 31 to 52% compared to the untreated check. At Prosper in 1998, HRS wheat and durum varieties varied slightly in injury. At Prosper, HRS wheat yield was reduced 20% with trifluralin at 8 lb/A but yield was unaffected with trifluralin at 4 lb/A.


In summary, trifluralin injured wheat especially if rainfall occurred between herbicide application and crop emergence. However, yield was not reduced except with HRS wheat at one environment. The HRS and durum wheat varieties tested in this study did not consistently differ in response to trifluralin.



2001 PULSE CROP HERBICIDE OPTIONS 2001 Pulse Crop Herbicide Options


The following list displays the currently-labeled (May, 2001) herbicides available for use in field pea, lentil, and chickpea.

Herbicides labeled for field pea:

     Preplant = glyphosate, paraquat, and Spartan. Preplant incorporated = Far-Go, metolachlor, Prowl/Pendimax, Sonalan, and trifluralin. Preemergence = glyphosate, metolachlor, paraquat, Sencor, and Spartan. Postemergence = Assure II, Basagran, MCPA, Poast, Pursuit, and Sencor. Preharvest = glyphosate.

Herbicides labeled for lentil:

     Preplant = glyphosate. Preplant incorporated = Far-Go, Frontier, Prowl/Pendimax, Pursuit DG, and Treflan/Trilin. Preemergence incorporated = Far-Go. Preemergence = Frontier, glyphosate, Pursuit DG, and Sencor. Postemergence = Assure II, Frontier, Poast, and Sencor. Preharvest = glyphosate and paraquat.

Herbicides labeled for chickpea:

     Preplant = glyphosate and Spartan. Preplant incorporated = Far-Go, Frontier, metolachlor, Prowl/Pendimax, Pursuit DG, Sonalan, and trifluralin. Preemergence incorporated = Far-Go. Preemergence = glyphosate, metolachlor, Pursuit DG, and Spartan. Postemergence = Assure II, Poast, Select/Prism, and Tough. Preharvest = glyphosate and paraquat.

Refer to herbicide labels and the NDSU Extension Service circular  2001 North Dakota Weed Control Guide for required details on herbicide use.