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29 April 1999

Typical seeding rates for canola are 5 to 6 pounds per acre. However, for optimum stand density and performance, precise seeding rates are required. Establishing a canola stand of  about 500,000 plants per acre or 11 to 12 plants per square foot is recommended. Assuming 70 percent of pure live seed (PLS) placed in the soil produce viable plants, 16 to 17 PLS per square foot or 700,000 PLS per acre should be seeded. Canola cultivars vary considerably in seed count. For example, a seed lot that has 100,000 PLS per pound would require 7 pounds of seed per acre to plant 700,000 PLS per acre, while a seed lot that has 150,000 PLS per pound would require 4.7 pounds of seed per acre to plant 700,000 PLS per acre. Make sure the seed count as well as germination percentage are used as seeding rates are calculated from your canola seed source.

The list of herbicides labeled for use in canola has significantly increased for the 1999 production season. Preplant-incorporated herbicide choices include trifluralin (e.g. Treflan) at 1 to 2 pt or 5 to 10 lb per acre and Sonalan (Section 18 emergency exemption) at 1.5 to 3 pt or 5.5 to 11.5 lb 10G per acre. Post-emergence grass herbicides include Assure II at 8 to 10 fl oz per acre and Poast at 0.5 to 1.5 pt per acre. Stinger post-emergence applied at 0.33 to 0.5 pt per acre has a Section 18 label for control of 4- to 6-inch tall Stinger also will provide good to excellent control of common cocklebur, marshelder, common ragweed, annual smartweed, and sunflower. Herbicide 273 post-emergence applied at 2 to 3 pt per acre has a Section 18 label for control of wild buckwheat and annual smartweed. Muster post-emergence applied at 0.3 oz per acre will control wild mustard in seed-production fields of canola.

Section 18 labels allow the use of Raptor on IMI-tolerant canola, Liberty on Liberty-resistant canola, and Roundup on Roundup-Ready canola. Raptor applied at 4 fl oz per acre prior to canola bloom will control most annual broadleaf and grass weeds. Liberty applied at 34 fl oz per acre to cotyledon- to early-bolting canola will control annual broadleaf weeds, and suppress or control annual grass and perennial weeds. Roundup Ultra applied at 1 pt per acre at canola emergence to bolting will control many annual weeds and a second application of 1 pt per acre before canola bolts will aid in control of annual broadleaf and perennial weeds.

Refer to herbicide labels and NDSU Extension Service circular W-253 '1999 ND Weed Control Guide' for required details. Growers must have Section 18 labels in their possession during herbicide

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