Agronomic Research Trials

The following information is a listing of other agronomic research that was conducted at the Carrington Research Extension Center in 1999. The list is provided to illustrate specific research issues that are being addressed by CREC and other NDSU research staff. The listing briefly describes the trial and indicates project leaders and/or collaborators. Results of this work are normally available at some later date. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of trials conducted, followed by project leaders and/or collaborators.

Germplasm Evaluation/Cultivar Development

Alfalfa: Trials to evaluate alfalfa varieties, age of stand, and harvest technique (3); Meyer (NDSU)
Barley: 2-row plant breeder nurseries; Franckowiak (NDSU)
Barley: 6-row plant breeder nurseries; Horsley (NDSU)
Canola: Preliminary nursery; Integra/CREC
Chickpea: Regional breeder nursery; Muehlbauer (WSU/USDA)/CREC
Durum: Uniform Regional Durum Nursery (2); Elias (NDSU)/CREC
Durum: Scab tolerant variety evaluation; DGPC/CREC
Field Pea: Regional breeder nursery; Muehlbauer (WSU/USDA)/CREC
Flax: Evaluation of fiber flax varieties; Carter (NDSU)/CREC
Flax: Plant breeder nurseries; Hammond (NDSU)
Kenef: Trials to evaluate varieties and adaptation (2); NDSU/CREC
Lupin: Head row selections; CREC
Lupin: Seed increase planting; CREC
Oats: Uniform Midseason Oat Nursery; McMullen (NDSU)/CREC
Oats: Breeders nursery; McMullen (NDSU)
Sorghum: Evaluation of early maturing lines; Andrews (Univ. of NE)/CREC
Soybean: Evaluation of high protein varieties; CREC/Ag Canada
Wheat: Advanced breeder nursery; Frohberg(NDSU)
Wheat: Scab tolerant variety evaluation; CREC/Kolden (Oregon)
Wheat: Uniform Hard Red Spring Wheat Regional Nursery; Anderson/CREC
Winter Wheat: Advanced breeder nursery; CREC
Winter triticale breeder nursery; CREC/Kolden (Oregon)

Crop Fertility Research

Formulation and application of inoculant and N and P fertilizer in field pea; CREC/DREC
Inoculation/nitrogen fertility management in soybean; CREC
Evaluation of micronutrient fertility strategies for sunflower production; TJ ENTERPRIZES/CREC
Influence of nitrogen level, plant population, and cultivar on oat quality and yield; Quaker Oats/McMullen/CREC
Inoculation/nitrogen fertility management with field pea; CREC
Sunflower response to Boron fertilization; CREC/Franzen (NDSU)
Nitrogen and genotype evaluation trial of white wheat; Peel (NDSU)/CREC
Impact of water management and N fertility on dry bean performance; CREC, Grafton/Steele (NDSU)
Impact of water management and N and P fertility on carrot performance; CREC, Lee/Steele (NDSU)
Impact of water management and N fertility on potato performance; CREC, Lorenzen/Steele (NDSU)

Crop Rotation Research

Long-term cropping systems trial evaluating rotations, tillage, and fertility; CREC

Plant Pathology Research

Fungicide evaluations in wheat; CREC
Evaluation of fungicides for suppression of scab in spring wheat; CREC/BASF
Evaluation of fungicides for leaf spot control in spring wheat; CREC/BASF
Wheat and barley cultivar susceptibility to prevalence of stem rust; Miller (USDA)
Fungicide application techniques in wheat; McMullen (NDSU)/CREC
Evaluation of fungicides for control of sclerotinia in dry bean (2); Venette (NDSU)
Variety response to fungicides for suppression of scab (4); CREC
Evaluation of micro-nutrients for control of sclerotinia in dry bean (2); Venette(NDSU)
Fungicide rate splits and timing for control of scab in wheat; Novartis/CREC
Uniform fungicide trial for control of scab in wheat; McMullen(NDSU)/CREC
Evaluation of sclerotinia nursery in dry bean; CREC/Grafton (NDSU)
Sclerotinia management in broadleaf crops; CREC
Methyl-Bromide Crop Rotation; McMullen/CREC
Evaluation of sclerotinia control in borage; CREC/NCREC

Weed Control Research

Evaluation of herbicide tolerance and weed control for field pea; CREC
Corn herbicide efficacy trial (2); CREC/Zollinger (NDSU)
Screening of herbicides for broadleaf weed control in spring wheat; CREC
Dry bean weed control with soil- and post-applied herbicides; BASF/American Cyanamid/CREC
Evaluation of a broadleaf herbicide for canola production; Dupont/CREC
Evaluation of herbicides for wild oat and foxtail control in wheat; CREC/Nalewaja(NDSU)
Evaluation of Liberty-Link herbicide applications in canola (2); Agrevo/CREC
IR-4 evaluation of herbicide applications in borage; CREC
Herbicide sulfur interaction in canola; CREC
Weed control evaluation in dry bean; CREC/BASF
Herbicide tolerance in field pea, lentil, and chickpea; CREC
Evaluation of herbicides for grass control in sunflower (2); Dupont/CREC
Evaluation of tank mixes for wild mustard and wild oat in sunflower; BASF/CREC
Wild buckwheat control in HRS wheat; CREC/Ostlund

Entomology Research

Effect of sunflower planting date on sunflower beetle activity; CREC/Charlet(NDSU)
Evaluation of seed quality and insecticide-fungicide treatments in canola; CREC/Interstate Payco

Crop Management Research

Effect of planting date on canola performance; Langdon RC/CREC
Evaluation of forage harvest timing on quality of millet and oat hay; CREC
Effect of harvest timing on borage seed yield and quality; Johnson(NDSU)/CREC
Effect of planting date on borage, camelina, and calendula performance; Johnson(NDSU)/CREC
Evaluation of electrostatic seed sizing on wheat, flax and crambe performance; CREC
Effect of delayed harvest on sunflower yield and quality; Johnson(NDSU)/CREC
Dormant seeding in canola; CREC
Effect of seed size, planting depth, and seeding rate in canola; CREC
Effect of planting date and seeding rate in chickpea; CREC
Effect of stand age and stubble height in alfalfa; Meyer (NDSU)/CREC
Quality deterioration in dry bean; CREC/Hellevang (NDSU)
Canola Herbicide Strategies; Johnson (NDSU)/CREC
Comparison of row spacing, plant population, and seed type in dry bean; CREC
Evaluation of variety, planting date and rate, and row spacing in soybean; CREC
Sunflower desiccant trial; CREC/Johnson (NDSU)
Evaluation of planting population and date in short stature sunflowers; CREC


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