1999 Research Highlights

Overview of 1999 Wheat Fusarium Head Blight Fungicide Trials Crop Rotation Simulation with Methyl Bromide
Response of Oat Varieties to Seeding Rate and Nitrogen Fertilizer Canola Response to Sulfur (S) Fertilization
IR-4 Program for Registration of Minor-use Pesticides Response of Sunflower to Nitrogen Fertilizer
Costs and Returns Associated with Canola Production in Southeast North Dakota Testing Soybean Meal in Tilapia Diets
Future Aquaculture Research at North Dakota's NAC Field Peas in Creep Feed for Beef Calves
Field Peas in Diets for Growing and Finishing Steer Calves A Comparison of Soybean, Canola, Solvent and Expeller Crambe Meal as Protein Sources for Growing and Finishing Feedlot Steers
Combining Cows and Crops for More Sustainable Family Farms and Ranches Identifying Calves with Superior Growth and Carcass Traits through a Feedout Contest
Developing a Calf to Meat Marketing System in Central North Dakota Adding Value to Sprouted Grains through Feeding to Beef Cattle
Highlights from the Survey of Manure Management Practices in North Dakota Using Coal Combustion By-products for Feedlot Surface Stabilization
Environmental Programs for Pork Producers  

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