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1999 Beef & Bison Production Field Day

New publications offer barley and co-product feeding guidelines,
and backgrounding information

Several new publications will be available in the near future to provide a succinct review of recommendations for backgrounding calves and for feeding, processing, and storage of feed barley and co-product feeds. Much of the information in these publications is summarized from research conducted and experience gained at NDSU Agricultural Experiment Station facilities.

Nine publications focus on backgrounding calves. This series presents substantial amounts of information in an easily read summary of best management practices. The backgrounding publications focus on most aspects of the enterprise.

Four individual papers address the practical use of feed barley for beef, dairy, sheep, and swine/poultry (non-ruminants). Recommended feeding practices including sample rations are presented.

Two co-product papers have also been developed. One addresses all aspects of procuring, storing, and using wheat midds in diets for beef cattle. The section on storage is of particular importance considering the seasonal price fluctuation of wheat midds and the moisture level. A second paper presents a general review of all alternative feeds available to ND cattlemen. This paper includes nutrient content and practical feeding advice for field peas, corn gluten feed, crambe and other oil seed meals, potato waste, edible bean splits, annual forages, barley malt pellets, all types of grain screenings and many other feeds.

These publications are available through your local Cooperative Extension Service office, area livestock specialist, or can be ordered from Extension Ag Communications at NDSU (701 231-7882). The barley feeding publications may also be obtained from the ND Barley Council. There is no charge for singe copies of these publications. These publications may also be accessed at the follow web site:

New publication titles:

Feeding barley to beef cattle

Feeding barley to dairy cattle

Feeding barely to sheep

Feeding barley to swine and poultry

Alternative feeds

AS1151 Systems for backgrounding beef cattle

AS1152 Nutritional guidelines for backgrounding beef cattle

AS1153 Backgrounding facilities

AS1154 Respiratory illness

AS1155 A checklist for feedlot siting and environmental compliance

AS1158 Feeding management for backgrounders

AS1160 Preconditioning programs: Vaccination, Nutrition, and Management

AS1175 Wheat midds: A useful feed for beef cattle

AS1177 Feed additives for backgrounding calves

AS1178 Implant use in backgrounding calves

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