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1999 Beef & Bison Production Field Day


Our appreciation is expressed to the following for cooperation, contributions, and support of beef and bison studies at the Carrington Research Extension Center during the recent past.

AgGrow Oils LLC

AGP Grain, Inc.

Alltech, Inc.


Butts Feedlot

Certified Angus Beef Program

Dakota Growers Pasta Company

Energy and Environment Research Center

H. C. Davis Sons, Manufacturing

IBP, Inc.

National Bison Association

North American Bison Cooperative

North American South Devon Association

North Dakota Buffalo Association

North Dakota Barley Council

North Dakota Army National Guard

North Dakota Livestock Endowment

North Dakota Mill and Elevator

North Dakota State University

Animal and Range Sciences Department

Agriculture and Bioengineering Department

Agricultural Economics Department

Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences Department

Northern Crops Institute

Powder River Livestock Handling Equipment

United States Department of Agriculture

Alternative Crops Program

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

Trade names and companies used are for clear communication. No endorsement is intended nor criticism implied of products mentioned or not mentioned.

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