Evaluation of durum midds in finishing diets for yearling steers

V.L. Anderson

Middlings from durum wheat were evaluated in finishing diets for steers in two experiments. Midds were fed as pellets or meal at 50% and 20% of the corn component in finishing diets in Experiment 1. Steers (n=44, avg. wt. 763 + 6.74 lb.) consumed the same amount of dry matter but gains were greater with pelleted midds than meal (P<.05) at the 50% level. No differences (P>.05) were observed in gains at the 20% level although gains trended higher for pellets vs meal. In experiment 2, pelleted midds were included in finishing rations for heavy steers (n=72, avg. wt. 975 + 14.38 lb.) at 0, 20, 40 and 60% replacement for dry rolled corn. Intake and gain decreased with increasing midds beyond 20% (P<.05). Feed conversion and carcass traits were similar for all treatments. Durum midds maximum feed value was calculated using the cost of gain for the control group (0%) as reference value. The price cattlemen can afford to pay for midds with the same feed cost per unit gain decreased as the amount in the finishing diet increased.

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