NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center Staff

Experiment Station

Blaine G. Schatz


Vernon L. Anderson

Animal Scientist

To be named

Associate Agronomist

Steve F. Zwinger

Research Specialist II/Agronomy

Brad S. Miller

Research Specialist II/Agronomy

Glenn Anderson

Research Specialist III/Seedstocks

Dale R. Burr

Research Technician III/Livestock

David S. Copenhaver

Research Technician III/Seedstocks

Yvonne Larson

Administrative Secretary II

Jackson Hagen

Research Technician II/Livestock

Betty Montgomery

Administrative Secretary III

Todd Ingebretson

Research Technician II/Agronomy

Tim Indergaard

Research Technician II/Seed/Agron

Caroline Wolf

Laboratory Technician

Jane Forde

Custodian/Research Assistant

Extension Service

Greg J. Endres

Area Specialist/Crop Production

Karl Hoppe

Area Specialist/Livestock Systems

Jim Harbour

Area Specialist/Crop Protection

To be named

Livestock waste Mgmt Specialist

Jo Lysne

Administrative Secretary II

North Dakota Forest Service

Gerri Marchus

Community Forestry Specialist

North American Fish Farmers Co-op

Brian Stange

Aquaculture Specialist

Cooperative Research Projects

Sharon Clancy

Eco-Systems Specialist

North Dakota Farm Management Education Program

Steve Metzger


Throughout the year, the Center hires individuals on a part-time basis to help in the research effort. Many of these are students as well as local residents. We would like to acknowledge the following people who helped at some time during the past year:

Scott Carr, Maren Daniels, Clark Davis, Veronica Davis, Garrett Frost, Dustin Garber, Nick Klein, Trent Leapaldt, Suzie Lura, Ann Malan, Matt Metzger, Brandon Miller, Angie Reimer, Travis Ripplinger, Miranda Robinson, Verna Sauer, Nathan Triplett, and Brian Turner.

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center
Box 219
Carrington, ND 58421
phone 701/652-2951
fax 701/652-2055
e-mail recenter@ndsuext.nodak.edu
website www.ag.ndsu.nodak.edu/carringt/

Advisory Board

Dr. Allan Hoverson

Griggs County, Chairman

Pat Feist

Benson County

Gary Goplen


DeLane Dollinger

McIntosh County

Kevin Leier

Emmons County

Greg Richter

Dickey County

Loren Schulz

LaMoure County

Brad Weber

Eddy County

David Boyle

Stutsman County

Rick Anderson


Steve Metzger


Ray Klindworth

Wells County

Charles Linderman

Foster County

Bob Subart

Kidder County

Dean Scoular

Barnes County

Warren Zenker

Logan County

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