An evaluation of reciprocal levels of hulless oats and barley in diets for growing and finishing steers

V. L. Anderson, M. L. Bauer, J. S. Caton, P. Berg, and D. H. Dhuyvetter

Preconditioned steer calves (n=128) were blocked by weight and allotted to treatments of 0, 33, 67 and 100% dry rolled hulless oats with reciprocal amounts of barley. Approximately 10.5 pounds of grain was fed during the 78 day growing period and 18 pounds during the 103 day finishing period. Dry matter intake decreased (P<.05) with increasing level of hulless oats during growing and finishing. Growing gains were similar (P<.05) but finishing gains responded quadratically with the highest ADG recorded at the 67% level (3.88 pounds per day). ADG at 100% were the same as 0% (3.43 and 3.33). Feed efficiency improved with increasing levels of hulless oats during growing but was more pronounced during finishing. No carcass quality traits were affected by diet treatment. Hulless oats appears to be a very useful feed when fed in combination with barley for growing steers but shows more pronounced and positive response in finishing diets.

Affiliation of co-authors and non-CREC staff: M.L. Bauer, J.S. Caton, P. Berg and D.H. Dhuyvetter, NDSU Animal Science Department, Fargo, ND.

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