Reciprocal levels of wheat middlings and corn gluten feed in creep feed diets for nursing beef calves

Final Report

V. L. Anderson and D. Dhuyvetter

Beef calves (n=191) nursing crossbred mature cows in drylot were allotted to eight pens for the evaluation of four different creep feed treatments during a 56 day study starting August 1 on two consecutive years. The pelleted creep feeds were formulated using wheat midds (WM) and/or dried corn gluten feed (CGF) in reciprocal amounts of 100, 67, 33 and 0%. Creep feed intake was greater (P<.05) for the 33% treatment at 7.94 pounds per day compared to 7.22 for the 100% midds treatment with the other two diets intermediate. Average daily gain, and feed efficiency are similar (P<.05) for all treatments. Daily gain was 2.99 pounds per day and feed efficiency totaled 2.49 pounds per day averaged across all treatment. The co-products of wheat midds and corn gluten feed appear to be very useful as major ingredients in creep feed rations.

Affiliation of co-authors and non-CREC staff: D. Dhuyvetter, former NDSU Extension Livestock Specialist.

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