Carrington Research Extension Center

North Dakota State University

a report of agricultural research and extension in central North Dakota

volume 38 December 1997

The Carrington Research Extension Center conducts research and educational programs on all aspects of agricultural production vital to central North Dakota. These include, but are not limited to, dryland and irrigated crop production studies, irrigated vegetable research at a satellite research station near Oakes, ND, groundwater quality research, beef cattle drylot cowherd management studies, beef cattle backgrounding and finishing research, bison nutrition research, aquaculture ration development and indoor recirculating aquaculture production research, tree and shrub variety evaluations for farm and home, and foundation seedstocks production of publicly-bred crop varieties. In most cases, these programs are conducted cooperatively with farmers, ranchers, government and businesses directly involved in agricultural production, processing, or marketing. Some of these include the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District, the North Dakota Forest Service, the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, USDA, NRCS, EPA, various commodity groups, agri-chemical/pharmaceutical companies, feed companies, the agricultural lending community, and the growing number of farmer-owned processing cooperatives across the state.

This report primarily serves as a summary of the crop variety comparison trials conducted annually at the Center. It also includes some brief summaries of recently conducted research. Information on other programs are published throughout the year and available from the Center upon request. All reports are available in alternative formats upon request at the address and phone number listed on the back page.

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