Effect of feed delivery systems on the performance of bison in the feedlot

Bryan Miller and Vern Anderson

Bison bull calves (n=78) were allotted to four treatments in a Latin square study to compare effect of feed delivery systems on animal performance. Feeding systems evaluated were 1) a totally mixed ration, 2) concentrate fed in a fenceline bunk with free choice hay, 3) concentrate fed in an automatic feeder with free choice hay, and 4) concentrate offered free choice in a self feeder with free choice hay. Intake of hay and concentrate varied (P<.05) by feeding system but dry matter intake per day was the same for all treatments. Concentrate intake was higher (P<.05) for the totally mixed ration and hay intake lower (P<.05) with the inverse response from the feeding systems offering free choice hay. Dry matter intake in grams/kg body weight was lower (P<.05) for the totally mixed ration than the other three treatments. Feeding period affected gains (P<.05) with reduced gains occurring during the winter feeding period from Nov 14 to Jan 3. It appears that feeding system has little impact on total dry matter intake and average daily gain but plays a role in feed choice by bison.

Affiliation of co-authors and non-CREC staff: Bryan Miller, Double MM Bison Ranch, Carrington, ND.

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