Research Highlights from 1997

Fusarium head blight in small grain

Weed control in field pea

Field pea response to P applied with seed

Ground water remediation project

Anhydrous ammonia vs urea

Wheat recrop trial

Tilapia feed trials

Steer performance by location & diet

Variation in cattle herds finished in ND

Cattle backgrounding in central ND

Pasturing or feeding fall born calves in ND

Hulless oats and barley in steer rations

Bison feed delivery systems

Commercial bison production

Crambe meal extraction

Creep feed diets

Wheat midds in finishing diets

Community forestry in ND

ND Farm Bus Mgmt Program

Weather summary (Temperature, Precipitation, Growing Degree Days, Growing Season GDD Totals and Killing Frost Days)

Agronomic research trials

Crop Variety Comparison Data

Crop Trial Information (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)

Barley (Dryland, Irrigated, Recrop, Barnes County, Tri-County)

Beans (Soy Dryland, Soy Irrigated, Edible Dryland, Edible Irrigated)



Canola (Page 1, Page 2)

Corn (Dryland, Irrigated)


Durum (Dryland, Irrigated, Recrop, Barnes County, Tri-County)

Field Pea (Page 1, Page 2)


Forages (Dryland Cool, Dryland Warm, Dryland Silage, Irrigated Silage)

Misc. Alternative Crops


Oat (Dryland, Recrop, Barnes County, Tri-County)

Proso Millet


Spring Triticale

Sunflower (Non-Oil, Oil 1, Oil 2, Oil 3)

Wheat- Hard Red Spring (Dryland, Irrigated, Recrop, Barnes County, Tri-County)

Wheat- Hard Red Winter (No-Till)

Winter Rye

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center Staff