Agronomic Research Trials

The following information is a listing of agronomic research conducted at the Carrington Research Extension Center. CREC and other NDSU research staff provide this list to illustrate specific research issues that are being addressed. The listing briefly describes the trial and indicates project collaborators who are working in cooperation with CREC agronomy team leaders. Results of this work may be made available at a later date by contacting the CREC. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of trials conducted, followed by project leaders and/or collaborators and NDSU department.


Germplasm Evaluation/Cultivar Development

Alfalfa: Evaluation of alfalfa varieties; Meyer (Plant Science)

Barley: 2-row and 6-row plant breeder nurseries (3); Horsley (Plant Science)

Barley: Variety evaluations (5)

Barley: Drill strip demonstration

Buckwheat: Variety evaluation

Camelina: Evaluation of experimental lines

Camelina: Spring variety evaluation

Canola: Winter variety evaluation; Johnson (Plant Science)

Canola: Winter hardiness evaluation; Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)

Canola: Collaborative company nursery; Monsanto

Canola: Variety evaluations (2)

Chickpea: Regional breeder nursery; Muehlbauer and McPhee (Washington State Univ./USDA)

Chickpea: Segregating bulk populations and selections (3); Muehlbauer and McPhee (Washington State Univ./USDA)

Chickpea: Variety evaluation

Corn: Breeder nurseries (6); Carena (Plant Science)

Corn: Commercial hybrid evaluations (2); Industry

Crambe: Breeder nursery; Hammond (Plant Science)

Crambe: Variety evaluation

Dry Bean: Plant breeder nurseries (8); Grafton (Plant Science)

Dry Bean: Variety evaluations (2)

Durum: Uniform Regional Durum Nursery (2); Elias (Plant Science)

Durum: Variety evaluations (2)

Durum: Drill strip demonstration and milling evaluation

Emmer: Variety evaluation

Field Pea: Regional breeder nurseries (2); McPhee (Washington State Univ./USDA)

Field Pea: Segregating bulk populations and selections (3); McPhee (Washington State Univ./USDA)

Field Pea: Winter field pea nursery; Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)

Field Pea: Winter field pea selections

Field Pea: Variety evaluations (4)

Field Pea: Organic variety evaluations (3)

Flax: Plant breeder nurseries; Hammond (Plant Science)

Flax: Variety evaluation

Lentil: Regional breeder nursery; Muehlbauer and McPhee (Washington State Univ./USDA)

Lentil: Winter lentil nursery; Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)

Lentil: Winter lentil selections

Lentil: Variety evaluation

Lupin: Plant breeding/selection nurseries (3)

Lupin: Germplasm purification/increase

Lupin: Variety evaluations (2)

Mustard: Variety evaluation

Oats: Uniform Midseason Oat Nursery; McMullen (Plant Science)

Oats: Breeders nurseries (3); McMullen (Plant Science)

Oats: Variety evaluations (3)

Onion: Variety evaluation

Onion: Variety demonstration; Hill (Williston REC)

Potato: Evaluation of specialty varieties in a natural environment

Rye: Evaluation/increase of an experimental winter cultivar

Rye: Spring variety evaluation

Rye: Winter variety evaluation

Safflower: Variety evaluation

Soybean: Breeder nursery evaluations (5); Helms (Plant Science)

Soybean: Variety evaluations (9)

Spelt: Evaluation of experimental and released winter types

Spelt: Spring variety evaluation

Spelt: Winter variety increase

Sunflower: Hybrid evaluation, oil and non-oil

Triticale: Increase of winter cultivars (2); Kolden (Oregon State Univ.)

Triticale: Spring variety evaluation

Triticale: Winter variety evaluation

Wheat: Advanced breeder nursery; Mergoum (Plant Science)

Wheat: Uniform Hard Red Spring Wheat Regional Nursery; Anderson (USDA-ARS)

Wheat: White wheat plant breeder nurseries (2); Bersonsky (Plant Science)

Wheat/Durum: Collaborative company nursery; Canterra

Wheat: Collaborative company nursery; Seed-link

Wheat: Organic variety evaluations (3)

Wheat: Variety evaluations (5)

Wheat: Winter wheat variety evaluation

Wheat: High yield line evaluation

Wheat: Quality evaluation of IMI cultivars

Wheat: Seed source evaluation Rugby


Forage Production Research

Cool season annual variety evaluation

Warm season annual variety evaluation

Barley forage trial

Winter cereal forage trial

Field-scale demonstration of oat, oat/pea and pea forage production

Field-scale demonstration on double cropping and aftermath grazing

Field-scale demonstration of various forage species for double cropping forage production


Crop Fertility Research

Effect of phosphorus placement and rate on canola (2)

Canola response to livestock manure as a nitrogen, sulfur and organic matter source

Canola response to Avail (2)

Corn response to livestock manure and fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilization in cuphea; Johnson (Plant Science)

Evaluation of inoculation and inoculant products in dry bean Carrington and Oakes

Inoculation / nitrogen fertility management in field pea (2); Industry

Field pea response to Avail

Impact of starter fertilizer on soybean stand establishment (2)

Inoculation / nitrogen fertility management in soybean Carrington (5) and Oakes (2); Industry

Soybean response to livestock manure and fertilizer

Soybean response to Seed Prod and Crop Prod

No-till spring wheat performance with Exactric-applied N Grace City

N management of spring wheat Carrington (2) and Harvey

Spring wheat response to zone-applied N; Nowatzki (Ag and Biosystems Engineering)

Inoculation management in wheat prior to soybean

Crop response to variable N rates


Entomology Research

Evaluation of canola seed treatments for flea beetle control; Syngenta/Knodel (Entomology)/Hanson (Langdon REC)


Crop Management Research

Harvest management of canola; Johnson (Plant Science)/McKay (North Central REC)

Influence of row spacing and seeding rate on canola (2)

Evaluation of APSA-80 surfactant soil applied in dryland and irrigated corn; Access Business Group

Evaluation of input strategies of corn

Managing corn following CRP; Ransom (Plant Science)

Estimating corn development using NDAWN; Ransom (Plant Science)

Assessment of harvest management practices of cuphea; Johnson (Plant Science)

Impact of seeding depth on cuphea performance; Johnson (Plant Science)

Preliminary assessment of direct-seeded dry bean

Hail damage and stand reduction in dry bean; Johnson (Plant Science)

Impact of seed quality on crop performance of field pea

Evaluation of input strategies on flax

Evaluation of input strategies on soybean

Soybean response to tillage management (2)

Soybean development

Evaluation of growth promoters in Roundup Ready soybean systems; Wilbur Ellis

Sunflower response to tillage management

Evaluation of alternative input strategies in wheat

Evaluation of growth regulators to reduce lodging in wheat; Syngenta


Crop Rotation Research

Long-term cropping systems trial evaluating rotations, tillage, and fertility

Performance of continuous soybean versus soybean/wheat rotation Carrington and Wishek


Plant Pathology Research

Evaluation of canola varieties for susceptibility to Sclerotinia; Industry

Evaluation of fungicides for Sclerotinia management in canola; Bayer/Valent

Evaluation of foliar spray techniques for Sclerotinia management in canola

Optimizing chemical control of Sclerotinia stem rot on canola; del Rio (Plant Science)/Halley (Langdon REC)

Management of Ascochyta blight in chickpea and determination of U.S. pathotypes and sensitivity to fungicides; Bradley (Plant Pathology)/Chen (Washington State Univ.)/McKay (North Central REC)/Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)

Chickpea seed treatment evaluations (2)

Evaluation of dry bean seed treatments

Evaluation of dry bean breeding lines for Sclerotinia susceptibility; Rasmussen (Plant Pathology)/Grafton (Plant Science)/Steadman (Univ. of Nebraska)/Singh (Univ. of Idaho))

Evaluation of fungicides for Sclerotinia management in dry bean; Industry

Evaluation of fungicides for suppression of scab in durum; McMullen (Plant Pathology)

Evaluation of field pea germplasm for resistance to sclerotinia; McPhee (Washington State Univ.)

Evaluation of field pea germplasm for resistance to sclerotinia through breeding and biotechnology; McPhee (Washington State Univ./USDA)

Marker assisted selection for disease resistance in pea; McPhee (Washington State Univ.)/McKay and Halvorson (North Central REC)

Field pea fungicides for powdery mildew management; Chen (Washington State Univ.)

Integrated management of dry pea diseases; Porter (USDA) and Bradley (Plant Pathology)

Evaluation of cultivars for resistance to root rot; Bradley (Plant Pathology)

Effect of seed treatment on seed-borne ascochyta in field pea; Bradley (Plant Pathology)

Field pea seed treatment and foliar fungicide evaluations Churchs Ferry and Newburg

Evaluation of fungicides for Sclerotinia management in field pea; Industry

Evaluation of seeding rate and seed treatment in soybean; Bradley (Plant Pathology)

Rotation by seeding rate evaluation of soybean; Bradley (Plant Pathology)

Evaluation of fungicides for Sclerotinia management in soybean

Impact of Sclerotinia infection levels on soybean performance

Soybean response to Headline Wishek

Sunflower head rot screening nurseries Carrington (4) and Oakes; Gulya and Miller (USDA-ARS)/Halley (Langdon REC)/Rashid (Morden, Manitoba); Hollingsworth (Univ. of Minnesota Crookston)

Evaluation of sunflower germplasm for susceptibility to Sclerotinia stalk rot; Gulya (USDA-ARS)

Sunflower response to Headline; BASF

Evaluation of fungicides for suppression of scab in spring wheat; McMullen (Plant Pathology)

Fungicide evaluation for leaf disease control in spring wheat; BASF

Fungicide management of leaf and head diseases in spring wheat; Bayer CropScience

Evaluation of fungicides for leaf disease control in spring wheat; Syngenta

Evaluation of fungicides for head disease control in spring wheat; Makhteshim-Agan

Spring wheat variety response to fungicide strategy; Gregoire (NDSU Ext)/Halley (Langdon REC)

Wheat seed treatments in CRP; Knodel (Entomology) and Ransom (Plant Science)

Drought-based seed treatment in wheat; Ransom (Plant Science)

Wheat response to early-season foliar fungicide Wishek and Dazey

USDA wheat rust nursery; USDA


Weed Science Research

Grass herbicide evaluation in barley; Syngenta

Weed management in no-till field pea ;BASF

Weed control in sulfonylurea-tolerant soybean (STS)/Roundup Ready; DuPont

Weed management in Clearfield sunflower; BASF

Weed management in Express-tolerant sunflower; DuPont

Evaluation of herbicides for grass control in HRS wheat; Howatt (Plant Science)

Weed control with glyphosate and adjuvants; Zollinger (Plant Science)

Herbicide mode of action demonstration


Plot maintenance at Dazey.