Agronomic Research Trials

The following information is a listing of agronomic research conducted at the Carrington Research Extension Center in addition to those summarized in the following pages.  CREC and other NDSU research staff provide this list to illustrate specific research issues that are being addressed.  The listing briefly describes the trial and indicates project leaders and/or collaborators.  Results of this work are normally available at some later date. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of trials conducted, followed by project leaders and/or collaborators and NDSU department.


Germplasm Evaluation/Cultivar Development

Alfalfa: Evaluation of alfalfa varieties; Meyer (Plant Science)

Barley: 2-row plant breeder nurseries; Franckowiak (Plant Science)

Barley: 6-row plant breeder nurseries; Horsley (Plant Science)

Barley: Collaborative company nursery; Canterra

Chickpea: Regional breeder nursery; Muehlbauer (WSU/USDA)

Corn: Breeder nurseries (2); Carena (Plant Science)

Crambe: Evaluation of advanced experimental cultivars; Hammond (Plant Science)

Dry Bean: Evaluation of advanced experimental lines (2); Grafton (Plant Science)

Durum: Uniform Regional Durum Nursery (2); Elias (Plant Science)

Field Pea: Regional breeder nursery; McFee (WSU/USDA)

Field Pea: Collaborative company nursery; Canterra

Flax: Plant breeder nurseries; Hammond (Plant Science)

Forage Pea: Evaluation of experimental forage-type cultivars; Elliott Plant Breeding

Juneberry: Evaluation of varieties; HattermanValenti (Plant Science)/Kelner (Velva)

Lentil: Regional breeder nursery; Muehlbauer (WSU/USDA)

Lupin: Evaluation of experimental lines

Lupin: Germplasm purification/increase

Lupin: Increase of potential releases

Niger Thistle Cultivar Evaluation; Kandel (U. of MN Red Lake Falls)/Hanson (Langdon REC)/Johnson (Plant Science)/Halvorson (North Central REC)/Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)/Bergman (Williston REC and Sydney, MT, REC)

Oats: Uniform Midseason Oat Nursery; McMullen (Plant Science)

Oats: Breeders nursery; McMullen (Plant Science)

Oats: Collaborative company nursery; Canterra

Onion: Hybrid performance; Hatterman-Valenti (Plant Science)

Pearl Millet: Evaluation of grain hybrids and random mating populations; Rajewski (UNL)

Safflower: Evaluation of advanced experimental cultivars; Riveland(Williston REC)

Sorghum: Evaluation of experimental hybrids and random mating populations; Rajewski (UNL)

Soybean: Evaluation of advanced experimental cultivars (3); Helms (Plant Science)

Spelt: Evaluation of experimental and released winter types

Wheat: Advanced breeder nursery; Mergoum (Plant Science)

Wheat: Evaluation/increase of previously-released varieties in an organic environment; (NPSAS)

Wheat: Uniform Hard Red Spring Wheat Regional Nursery; Busch (USDA-ARS)

Wheat: White wheat plant breeder nursery (2); Berzonsky (Plant Science)

Wheat: Cultivar susceptibility to prevalence of stem rust; Miller (USDA-ARS)

Wheat/Durum: Collaborative company nursery; Canterra

Winter Wheat: Evaluation of advanced experimental cultivars; (Plant Science)

Winter triticale breeder nurseries/grain; Kolden (Oregon)/Legume Logic

Winter triticale breeder nurseries/forage; Kolden (Oregon)/Legume Logic


Crop Fertility Research

Inoculation / nitrogen fertility management in soybean; Industry

Inoculation / nitrogen fertility management in field pea; Industry

Inoculation / nitrogen fertility management in lentil; Philom Bios

Influence of N level on experimental genotypes of white wheat (2); Berzonsky (Plant Science)

Top-dress and preplant N fertilization of canola; Lukach (Langdon REC)/Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)/Halvorson (North Central REC)

Influence of fertilizer formulation on response to top-dressed N on canola; Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)/Lukach (Langdon REC)/Halvorson (North Central REC)

Evaluation of phosphorus-solubilizing inoculants on canola; Becker Underwood

Nitrogen fertilization of niger thistle; Kandel (U. of MN Red Lake Falls)/Hanson (Langdon REC)/Halvorson (North Central REC)

Management practices for high-yielding irrigated wheat, Steele (Ag & Biosystems Engineering)

Effect of split applications of nitrogen on hard red spring wheat, (2) Gregoire (Extension)


Entomology Research

Evaluation of canola seed and foliar treatments and planting date for flea beetle control; Knodel
(North Central REC)/Hanson (Langdon REC)

Evaluation of canola seed treatments for flea beetle control; Syngenta /Hanson (Langdon REC)/Knodel

  (North Central REC)

Evaluation of biorational pesticides for spring flea beetle control; Olson (Entomology)

Evaluation of biorational pesticides for summer flea beetle control; Olson (Entomology)

Comparison of blends of treated/untreated seed to reduce canola input costs; Knodel
(North Central REC)/Hanson (Langdon REC)

Canola insect monitoring; Knodel (North Central REC)


Crop Management Research

Effect of stand age and stubble height in alfalfa; Meyer (Plant Science)

Effect of planting date and harvest timing on oil quality in borage; Johnson (Plant Science)/
Hanson (Langdon REC)

Evaluation of dormant seeding canola; Hanson (Langdon REC)/Halvorson (North Central REC)/Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)

Effect of spring stand on yield of dormant-seeded canola; National Crop Insurance Service

Influence of plant stand and row spacing on canola yield and quality; Petersen and Johnson (Plant Science)

Influence of row spacing, variety, seeding rate, and pesticide application on chickpea performance; Jenks (North Central REC)

Evaluation of seeding rate and row spacing in corn (2)

Corn relative maturity by planting date; Ransom (Plant Science)

Flax response to seeding and nitrogen rates; Langdon REC/North Central REC

Onion: Planting configuration by cover crop; Hatterman-Valenti (Plant Science)

Onion plant population by row spacing; Hatterman-Valenti (Plant Science)

Producing onion sets; Hatterman-Valenti (Plant Science)

Effect of swathing time on niger thistle yield; Kandel (U. of MN Red Lake Falls)/Hanson (Langdon REC)/ Halvorson (North Central REC)

Evaluation of variety, planting date, seeding rate, and row spacing in soybean

Effect of seeding rate on forage performance and yield of winter triticale

Effect of harvest timing on forage regrowth, yield, and quality of winter triticale

Impact of timing of field rolling on soybean performance

Precision ag crop management; Nowatzki / Hofman (Ag and Biosystems Engineering)


Crop Rotation Research

Long-term cropping systems trial evaluating rotations, tillage, and fertility

Effect of previous crops on potato growth and yield, Hatterman-Valenti (Plant Science)/
Greenland (Oakes Irrigation Research Site)

Long-term soybean rotation; Bradley (Plant Pathology)


Plant Pathology Research

Evaluation of canola varieties for susceptibility to Sclerotinia; Bradley and del Rio (Plant Pathology)/
Legare  (U. of MN-Crookston)

Evaluation of fungicides for Sclerotinia management in canola; Bradley (Plant Pathology)/
Hanson (Langdon REC)/McKay (North Central REC)/Legare (U. of MN-Crookston)/AMVAC/CerexAgri

Evaluation of Intercept for control of Sclerotinia sclerotia in canola, dry bean, and sunflower;
del Rio (Plant Pathology)

Management of Ascochyta blight in chickpea by cultivar selection and fungicide application; McKay (North Central REC)/Eriksmoen (Hettinger REC)

Evaluation of dry bean breeding lines for Sclerotinia susceptibility; Rasmussen (Plant Pathology)/Grafton (Plant Sciences)

Evaluation of fungicides for control of Sclerotinia in dry bean; del Rio (Plant Pathology)

Evaluation of crop rotation and tillage system for control of Sclerotinia sclerotia in dry bean;
del Rio (Plant Pathology)

Influence of tillage system and burial depth on survival of Sclerotinia sclerotia; del Rio (Plant Pathology)

Sclerotinia management with fungicides in field pea production systems. Halley (Langdon REC)

Influence of field pea seed treatments on root rot and nodulation; Halley (Langdon REC)/Halvorson (North Central REC)/Bradley (Plant Pathology)

Flax seed treatment evaluation; Bradley (Plant Pathology)/Halley (Langdon REC)

Sunflower head rot screening nursery; Gulya (USDA-ARS)/Miller (USDA-ARS)/Draper (SDSU)

Evaluation of biological control agents for sunflower head rot; TJ Technologies

Evaluation of fungicides for control of Sclerotinia head rot in confection sunflowers; Draper (SDSU)/Gulya (USDA-ARS)

Sunflower head rot screening methodology; Gulya (USDA-ARS)

Evaluation of sunflower germplasm for susceptibility to Sclerotinia stalk rot (2); Gulya (USDA-ARS)

Evaluation Anthracnose management with fungicides in lupin

HRS wheat variety response to foliar fungicide and seeding rates

Fusarium head blight spore trapping/forecasting for wheat; (Plant Pathology)

Evaluation of fungicides for leaf rust control in spring wheat; CREC/Valent

Impact of plant population and fungicides on scab and DON levels in barley. Lukach (Langdon REC)/
Gregoire (Extension)

Evaluation of fungicides for suppression of scab in spring wheat; CREC/McMullen (Plant Pathology)

Evaluation of fungicides for suppression of scab in durum; CREC/McMullen (Plant Pathology)

Evaluation of fungicides for scab and leaf spot disease control in spring wheat; CREC/Valent

Onion disease management; Hatterman-Valenti (Plant Science)


Weed Science Research

Weed control and crop tolerance in glyphosate-resistant canola; Monsanto

Evaluation of herbicide tolerance and weed control in field pea; BASF

Volunteer flax and canola control in field pea; Howatt (Plant Science)

Flax response to application timing of POST herbicides

Clearfield sunflower followcrop evaluations; BASF

Crop response and weed control in Express–tolerant sunflower; Howatt (Plant Science)

Crop response and weed control in Clearfield sunflower; Howatt (Plant Science)/BASF

Assure II plantback in spring wheat; Monsanto

Clearfield spring wheat followcrop evaluations; BASF

Evaluation of herbicides for foxtail control in HRS wheat (2); Howatt (Plant Science)/Syngenta

Volunteer spring wheat control with Assure II; Monsanto

Weed control and crop response in glyphosate-resistant HRS wheat (2); Monsanto

Evaluation of weed shifts under Roundup-tolerant crops; Howatt (Plant Science)

Onion weed control (2); Hatterman-Valenti (Plant Science)