2001 Flax Variety Trials

Carrington Tri-County - Wishek


Twenty-six flax varieties were tested in the 2001 dryland trial at the North Dakota State University Carrington Research Extension Center in 2001. The trialís yield average was 22.2 bu/A (bushels/acre) with a range of 27.0 to 15.4 bu/A, test weight average was 54.2 lb/bu (pounds/bushel) with a range of 55.2 to 52.7 lb/bu, and seed oil content averaged 42.0% with a range of 43.3 to 40.5%. Averaged over the past three years (1999-2001), the five highest-yielding flax varieties were Pembina at 26.5 bu/A, Cathay at 25.6 bu/A, Neche at 25.2 bu/A, and AC Watson and CDC Normandy at 24.3 bu/A. Varieties with the highest three-year average test weight were Linton at 54.2 lb/bu, Linott at 53.9 lb/bu, Neche at 53.8 lb/bu, Webster at 53.7, and Cathay, McDuff, Norlin, and Norman at 53.6 lb/bu.

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