2001 Barley Variety Trials

Dryland - Carrington Irrigated - Carrington
Dryland Recrop Elite - Carrington Tri-County - Wishek
Barnes County - Dazey Ransom/Sargent Counties - Lisbon


Selected six- and two-row barley varieties were tested at the North Dakota State University Carrington Research Extension Center in 2001 in two dryland trials and an irrigated trial. Averaged across the three trials, the three highest-yielding varieties were Drummond at 91.2 bushels/acre (bu/A), Excel at 90.2 bu/A, and Robust at 89.7 bu/A. Test weights of Stark and Logan (two-row varieties) averaged 47.3 and 47.1 pounds/bushel (lb/bu), respectively, and Drummond and Mnbrite averaged 46.7 lb/bu. Varieties that had the lowest average grain protein in the trials were Foster and Stander at 11.4% followed by Drummond and Excel at 11.8%. Stander had the highest average percentage of plump kernels at 84%, followed by Foster at 83% and Drummond at 81%. Drummond had the lowest average lodging score of 2 on a scale of 0 to 9 (0 = no lodged plants and 9 = all plants completely lodged), followed by Stander at 3, and Excel, Foster, and Lacey at 5.

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