Backgrounding/Feeding Seminars for Bankers and Cattle Feeders
K.F. Hoppe and Bobbi Talmadge

Fluctuating market prices are making buy/sell decisions for cow-calf producers and cattle feeders more challenging.  Aiding cattle producers in making timely decisions was the focus for the North Dakota Backgrounding/Feeding Seminars for Lenders and Cattle Feeders.  A cooperative effort between the NDSU Extension Service and the ND Department of Agriculture delivered a series of seminars for cattle feeders and lenders across North Dakota.

The seminars consisted of two separate programs for lenders and producers. The lender seminar provided bankers and loan officers with current information on cattle market cycles, cattle budgets, and feeding management. The seminar also included information on the CalfWeb internet site (  The CalfWeb site provides an interactive budgeting process that uses current marketing information accessible from the internet.  The lender seminar concluded with an overview of the Bank of North Dakota’s loan programs that require local bank participation.   

The producer seminar included the lender topics, an expanded cattle feeding/management section, and an overview of assistance programs from ND Ag Mediation.

Cattle feeding budgets evaluated several strategies for managing weaned calves.  Overall, management strategies that encouraged 2.5 – 3.0 average daily gain projected more profitability.  Individualized budgets were encouraged utilizing the CalfWeb site.  Market outlook suggested that early October weaned calf prices were over inflated and discouraged retained ownership.  However, at the end of the seminar series, weaned calf price was correcting and encouraged retained ownership. 

Affiliation of coauthors and non-CREC staff:  B. Talmadge, North Dakota Department of Agriculture.w

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