Foundation Seedstocks Program at the CREC
D. Copenhaver and B.G. Schatz

The foundation seedstocks project at Carrington is an integral component of the overall NDSU Foundation Seedstocks program. This system includes leadership at the Main Station in Fargo, the Agronomy Seed Farm at Casselton and selected out-state research extension centers. In 2001, the CREC program produced 21 varieties of foundation grade seed representing six different crops. Around 950 acres of foundation grade seed was planted and managed by the CREC staff. Spring wheat and soybean represent the crops where primary increases occurred this season. Six varieties of spring wheat and five of soybean were propagated. Of the 21 varieties grown, 15 are released and commercially available lines. Six lines represent experimental material that may be released to the public pending review of research results and decisions by the NDSU Variety Release Committee.

The general purpose of the Seedstocks program is to increase, condition and distribute the early generation pure sources of newly developed and released varieties from the plant breeding projects at NDSU. The program also maintains pure sources of Foundation seed for public varieties in demand by the state and region producer constituency. The majority of seed is sold to the commercial seed industry within the region. These seedsmen require foundation grade seed to produce registered or certified seed for other seed growers and individual producers.w

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