Preregistration Form
Crop Management Field School


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Name  ______________________________________________________________


Organization          _____________________________________________________


Address       _________________________________________________________


City   ______________________________________________________________


State _________________________        Zip    __________________________


Phone  ______________________________________________________________


E-mail address       _____________________________________________________


Fee:             $30 per person

Payable to:   Crop Management Field School


Return form and fee to:

          Crop Management Field School

          Carrington Research Extension Center

          PO Box 219

          Carrington, ND  58421-0219

          Tel. 701/652-2951          Fax 701/652-2055


Requests for accommodations related to disability should be made to Greg Endres at 701/652-2951 by June 20, 2000.


Please check any accommodations you may need during the conference:

q    Sign language interpreter

q    FM amplification system

(specify type ____________________________)

q    audio-tape materials

q    sighted guides for assistance to/from specific sessions

q    large print

q    Braille

q    Other _____________________________________


Deadline for preregistration is June 20, 2000