NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center

Annual Field Day

Wednesday, July 19, 2000


Morning Tour Options
9:30 to 12:00 (attend one)


Livestock Production Review

Annual Forage Review

Bison Nutrition

Fly-ash as an Alternative to Concrete

possible low-cost method to create hard surfaces in feedlots

Potato Waste for Beef Cows and Steers

Identifying Fast Growing Calves

Tempering Barley with a Yeast Enzyme Cocktail

Barley Processing Methods

Managing High and Low Profit Beef Cow Herds

Short Topics/Updates

research on feeding barley malt sprouts, sunflower screenings, and crambe as a commercial range cake


Crop Variety & Production Review

inspect and compare many new variety releases from the last few years

Spring Wheat

come see our newly released scab tolerant variety - Alsen!


new releases being considered for malting



we will showcase recent NDSU varieties - Mountrail, Maier, Plaza and Lebsock




Grain sorghum

an alternative crop with renewed interest


Soil and Water Management

Soil Productivity and Crop Water Use

soil pits will be used to discuss soil and water management

Cropping Systems Study Highlights

includes impact of tillage, fertility and rotations on crop yield

Soil and Water Management

CREC Irrigation Research/Potato Research

* review water and nitrogen management


Afternoon Tour Options
1:00 to 3:45 (attend two of three)


Weed Management

Corn Herbicide Options

Small Grain Weed Control

Oilseed Weed Control

weed control strategies for canola, flax, and sunflower

Grain Legume Weed Control

weed control strategies for soybean, dry bean and field pea


Insect and Disease Management

Sclerotinia Management

hear discussion of fungicides and management to combat this major disease

Review of Season Insect Concerns

Cereal Disease Management

methods to minimize fusarium head blight and leaf disease problems

Broadleaf Crop Diseases

review other disease problems besides sclerotinia


Crop Management

Dormant-planted Crops

research results and ideas for those considering fall dormant seeding

Optimum Crop Populations

review the latest on plant densities for cereals, sunflower, legumes, and others.

Crop Problem Diagnosis

view demonstration plots to discuss miscellaneous crop production challenges