Outreach Summary: Summer Crop Tours and Training Sessions
G.J. Endres and B.G. Schatz


uring the 2000 growing season, the Carrington Research Extension Center hosted over 20 crop tours and training sessions. The Center’s research trials and demonstration plots were used by extension and research staff to provide field training for nearly 1000 persons. Education of farmer and agri-business personnel during the growing season provides an opportunity for the audience to immediately incorporate the information into farm operations.

The following is a listing of the events conducted at the Center during June through September:


  • Tri-county Private Pesticide Applicators Certification (Wishek)
  • ND State Seed Department Field Inspectors workshop
  • Crop Management Field School


  • DuPont/Pioneer sales representatives field training
  • ND Barley Council tour
  • Off-station crop variety tours (Wishek, Lisbon, and Dazey)
  • ND Vocational Agriculture Educators workshop
  • Legume Logic Seed Growers tour
  • CREC Annual Field Day
  • Northern Canola Growers Association tour
  • Hail Adjusters workshop
  • Dakota Growers Pasta Company durum variety tour
  • Ontario value-added agriculture tour
  • Univ. of Minnesota – Crookston international student irrigation tour


  • ND Crop Consultant Association and Extension Agent tour
  • Regional Agricultural Student Leadership Development tour
  • National Sunflower Association NuSun Field Expo


  • ND Soybean Council tour
  • National Sunflower Association Research Committee tour

Crop subject matter areas during these field events included crop cultivar performance, pest management (disease, insects, and weeds), broadleaf and alternative crop management, cropping systems, and irrigated crop management. Many of the tours also included viewing and discussing livestock (beef and bison) and aquaculture research projects.

The following is an example to illustrate the educational content of the Carrington Center’s summer crop events.

The Crop Management Field School is an annual program that was conducted on June 29, 2000, for about 50 North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota crop advisers. Seven hours of instruction, using field demonstration plots for ‘hands-on training’, was provided by NDSU Extension Service crop specialists. Training sessions included:

  • weed management - weed identification and herbicide mode-of-action
  • insect management - field monitoring for insect pests
  • disease management – small grain fungicide decision aids and application
  • soil productivity and crop water use
  • crop problem diagnosis

Written evaluations indicated the school format and information were useful for participants. The participants either managed or provided management recommendations on a total of over a million crop acres. Certified Crop Adviser credits were available for participants.

In the future, the Carrington Center will continue to host and conduct field educational events during the growing season. Individuals or groups are encouraged to visit the Center for formal or informal educational opportunities. 1

2000 Crop Management Field School conducted at the CREC.

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