2000 Research Highlights

Ascochyta Control in Chickpea Soybean Planting Technology
Maintaining Dry Bean Grain Quality in Storage Screening Sunflowers for Head Rot Resistance
Canola Herbicide Trial Overview Overview of Field Surveys for Crop Disease in South-Central North Dakota
Research Summary of Canada Thistle Control with Fall-applied Herbicides Outreach Summary: Summer Crop Tours and Training Sessions
Dry Edible Bean Performance as Influenced by Plant Density Irrigation Water Management Research
Costs and Returns Associated with Barley Production in East-Central North Dakota Management Characteristics of High and Low Profit Beef Cow Producers in East-Central ND
Sclerotinia-infected Sunflowers as a Feed Source for Pregnant and Non-pregnant Mature Beef Cows Malting Barley Co-products or Wheat Midds in Corn-based Diets for Growing Yearling Steers
Potato Co-product as a Feed Source for Beef Cows and Feedlot Cattle North Dakota Barley Feeders, LLLP Proposes to Add Value to ND Commodities
Maximizing Forage and Minimizing Grain Intake in Bison Bulls Fed for Meat Identifying Fast Growing Genetics - NDWS Steer Classic Feedout Project
Closeout performance of a North Dakota Cattle Feeding Club Development of a Producer-integrated Meat Processing Firm - Dakota Halal
A Recap on Two Years of Assessing Waste Management Systems for Livestock Operations Demonstration of Lignite Ash for Feedlot Surfaces -Project Update
Manure Nutrient Management Planning - Educational Programs and Producer Practices Perch and Sunfish, the Other White Meat

Alternative Crops for an Alternative Industry

Weather Summary

Agronomic Research Trials


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