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Kimberly Vonnahme

Kim Vonnahme








Kim Vonnahme

Office: 181 Hultz Hall
Phone: (701) 231-5883
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Research interests:

Reproductive Physiology
Nutritional impacts on fetal and placental growth
Placental vascularization

PhD, Reproductive Physiology - University of Wyoming , 2003
MS, Animal Science- Oklahoma State University , 1998
BS, Animal Science- Iowa State University , 1996

Courses taught:
ANSC 463 Physiology of Reproduction
ANSC 464 Reproductive Management
Independent Study-Research in Reproduction


Recent Publications:

  1. Freetly, H.C., K.A. Vonnahme, A.K. McNeel, L.E. Camacho, O.L. Amundson, E.D. Forbes, C.A. Lents, and R.A. Cushman. 2014. The consequence of nutrient management on heifer ovarian and mammary development. Journal of Animal Science. Accepted. Epub ahead of print
  2. Magolski, J.D., N.W. Shappell, K.A. Vonnahme, G. M. Anderson, D.J. Newman, and E. P. Berg. 2014. Consumption of ground beef obtained from cattle that had received steroidal growth-promotants does not trigger early onset of estrus using a prepubertal porcine model. Journal of Nutrition. Accepted.
  3. Shukla P., S. Ghatta, N. Dubey, C. O. Lemley, M. L. Johnson, A. Modgil, K. A. Vonnahme, J. S. Caton, L. P. Reynolds, C. Sun, and S. T. O'Rourke. 2014. Maternal nutrient restriction during pregnancy impairs an endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor-like pathway in sheep fetal coronary arteries. Journal of Physiology. Accepted. Epub ahead of print.
  4. Hart, C.G., L.E. Camacho, K.C. Swanson, K.A. Vonnahme, and C.O. Lemley. 2014. Hepatic steroid metabolizing enzyme activity during early, mid, and late bovine pregnancy. Domestic Animal Endocrinology. 49:31-38.
  5. Vonnahme, K.A. 2014. 2013 Early Career Achievement Award: Recognizing achievement of young scholars working to foster the discovery, sharing, and application of knowledge concerning the responsible use of animals to enhance human life and well-being. J. Anim. Sci. 92:873-874.
  6. Camacho, L. E., C.O. Lemley, L. D. Prezotto, M. L. Bauer, H. C. Freetly, K. C. Swanson, K. A. Vonnahme. 2014. Effects of maternal nutrient restriction followed by re-alimentation during mid-gestation on uterine blood flow in beef cows. Theriogenology. 81:1248-1256.
  7. Kaminski, S.L., A.T. Grazul-Bilska, E.K. Harris, E.P. Berg, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2014. Impact of maternal physical activity during gestation on porcine fetal, neonatal, and adolescent ovarian development. Domestic Animal Endocrinology. 48:56-61.
  8. Scholljegerdes, E. J., L.A. Lekatz, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2014. Short-term oilseed supplementation affects plasma fatty acid composition, progesterone, and prostaglandin F metabolite in lactating beef cows. Animal. 8:777-785.  
  9. Shukla, P., C. O. Lemley, N. Dubey, A. M. Meyer, S. T. O’Rourke, and K. A. Vonnahme. 2014. Effect of maternal nutrient restriction and melatonin supplementation from mid to late gestation on vascular reactivity of maternal and fetal placental arteries. Placenta. 35:461-466.
  10. Prezotto, L.D., C.O. Lemley, L.E. Camacho, F.E. Doscher, A.M. Meyer, J.S. Caton, K.A. Vonnahme, and K.C. Swanson. 2014. Effects of nutrient restriction and melatonin supplementation on maternal and foetal hepatic and small intestinal energy utilization. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. 98:797-807.
  11. Grazul-Bilska, A.T., T. L. Neville, E. Borowczyk, A. Sharma, L. P. Reynolds, J.S. Caton, D.A. Redmer, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2014.  Ovarian and uterine characteristics and onset of puberty in adolescent offspring: Effects of maternal diet and Se supplementation in sheep. Theriogenology. 81:887-895.
  12. Camacho, L. E., C. O. Lemley, M. L. Van Emon, J. S. Caton, K. C. Swanson, and K. A. Vonnahme. 2014. Effects of maternal nutrient restriction followed by realimentation during early and mid-gestation on beef cows. I. Maternal performance and organ weights at different stages of gestation. Journal of Animal Science. 92:520-529.
  13. Lemley, C.O., A.M. Meyer, T.L. Neville, D.M. Hallford, L. E. Camacho, K.R. Maddock-Carlin, T.A. Wilmoth, M.E. Wilson, G.A. Perry, D.A. Redmer, L.P. Reynolds, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2014. Dietary selenium and nutritional plane alters maternal endocrine profiles during pregnancy and lactation. Domestic Animal Endocrinology. 46:1-11.
  14. Van Emon, M.L., C.S. Schauer, L.A. Lekatz, S. R. Eckerman, K.R. Maddock-Carlin, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2014. Supplementing metabolizable protein to ewes during late gestation: I. Effects on ewe performance and offspring performance from birth to weaning. Journal of Animal Science. 92:339-348.
  15. Van Emon, M.L., K.A. Vonnahme, P.T. Berg, R.R. Redden, M.M. Thompson, J.D. Kirsch, and C.S. Schauer. 2013. Influence of level of dried distillers grains with solubles on feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, serum testosterone concentrations, and spermatozoa motility and concentration of growing rams. Journal of Animal Science. 91:5821-5828.
  16. Lemley, C.O, L.E. Camacho, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2013. Uterine infusion of melatonin or melatonin receptor antagonist alters ovine feto-placental hemodynamics during mid-gestation. Biology of Reproduction. 89:40, 1-9.
  17. Gonzalez, J.M., L.E. Camacho, S.M. Ebarb, K.C. Swanson, K.A. Vonnahme, A.M. Stelzleni, and S.E. Johnson.  2013. Realimentation of nutrient restricted pregnant beef cows support compensatory fetal muscle growth. Journal of Animal Science. 91:4797-4806.
  18. Vonnahme, K.A., T.L. Neville, G.A. Perry, L.P. Reynolds, D.A. Redmer, and J.S. Caton. 2013. Maternal diet alters organ mass, and endocrine and metabolic profiles in pregnant ewe lambs. Animal Reproduction Science. 141:131-141.
  19. Lemley, C.O., L.E. Camacho, A.M. Meyer, M. Kapphahn, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2013. Dietary melatonin supplementation alters fetal amino acids consumption during intrauterine growth restriction in ewes. Animal. 7:1500-1507.
  20. Neville, T.L, A.M. Meyer, A. Reyaz, D.A. Redmer, P.P. Borowicz, L. P. Reynolds, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2013. Effects of dietary selenium and nutritional plane during gestation on mammary gland growth, cellular proliferation, and vascularity in ewe lambs. Journal of Animal Science Biotechnology. 4:6 (
  21. Meyer, A.M., T.L. Neville, J.J. Reed, J.B. Taylor, L.P. Reynolds, D.A. Redmer, C.J. Hammer, K.A. Vonnahme, and J.S. Caton. 2013. Maternal nutritional plane and selenium supply during gestation impacts visceral organ mass and intestinal growth and vascularity of neonatal lamb offspring. Journal of Animal Science. 91:2628-2639.
  22. Vonnahme, K.A., T.L. Neville, L.A. Lekatz, L.P. Reynolds, C.J. Hammer, D.A. Redmer, and J.S. Caton. 2013. Thyroid hormones and cortisol concentrations in offspring are influenced by maternal supranutritional selenium and nutritional plane in sheep. Nutrition and Metabolic Insights. 6:11-21.
  23. Vonnahme, K.A., C.O. Lemley, P. Shukla, and S. T. O’Rourke. 2013. Placental programming: How the maternal environment can impact placental function. Journal of Animal Science. 91:2467-2480. INVITED REVIEW.
  24. Reynolds, L. P., K. A. Vonnahme, C. O. Lemley, D. A. Redmer, A. T. Grazul-Bilska, P. P. Borowicz, and J. S. Caton. 2013. INVITED REVIEW. Maternal stress and placental vascular function and remodeling. Current Vascular Pharmacology. Hot topic issue ‘Uteroplacental Circulation and Fetal Vascular Function and Development’. L. Zhang (ed.). 11:564-593.
  25. Lekatz, L.A., J.S. Luther, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2013. Impacts of maternal nutritional plane on umbilical artery hemodynamics, fetal and placentome growth in sheep. Animal Reproduction. 10:99-105.
  26. Mottet, R.S, C.O. Lemley, K.A. Vonnahme, and E.L. Berg. 2013. Lipoic acid decreases progesterone clearance in the ovariectomized ewe. Animal Reproduction. 10:112-118.
  27. Yunusova, R., T.L. Neville, K.A. Vonnahme, C.J. Hammer, J.J. Reed, J.B. Taylor, D.A. Redmer, L.P. Reynolds, J.S. Caton. 2013. Impacts of maternal selenium supply and nutritional plane on visceral tissues and intestinal biology in offspring. Journal of Animal Science. 91:2229-2242.
  28. Grant, J. K., P. L. Steichen, C. L. Wright, K.A. Vonnahme, M. L. Bauer, J.S. Jennings, and G. A. Perry.  2013. Influence of nitrogen and sulfur intake on bovine uterine pH throughout the luteal phase. Journal of Animal Science. 91:1186-1192.
  29. Harris, E.K., E.P. Berg, E.K. Berg, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2013. Effect of maternal activity during gestation on maternal behavior, fetal growth, umbilical blood flow, and farrowing characteristics in pigs. Journal of Animal Science. 91:734-744.


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