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Midwest ASAS Results - Kim Vonnahme


NDSU had a very successful showing at the Midwest American Society for Animal Sciences meeting held in Des Moines, Iowa, March 13-17.

Academic Quadrathlon

The NDSU Academic Quadrathlon team comprised of Mary Berg, Lee Widdel, Jerry Buckley, and Brandon Hokana competed against 14 other teams in the competition. NDSU placed first in the oral portion; tied for second in the written exam; and scored third overall.

Undergraduate Competition

Sharnae Fry placed first in the undergraduate research competition, oral division, with her presentation of "Effects of maternal nutritional plane and selenium supply on jejunal crypt cell proliferation and villous morphology in offspring at 20 days of age." Authors are S.I. Fry, A.M. Meyer, J.J. Reed, T.L. Neville, J.B. Taylor, L.P. Reynolds, D.A. Redmer, K.A. Vonnahme, and J.S. Caton.

Christen Jackson placed second in the oral division with her presentation "Effects of maternal exercise during gestation on blood oxygen levels and gilt behavior. Authors are C.G. Jackson, E.K. Harris, K.A. Vonnahme, and E.P. Berg.

Camille Jorgenson also presented "Supranutritional selenium during pregnancy increases ovine mammary gland vascularity" at the meeting. Authors are C.M. Jorgenson, P.P. Borowicz, J.S. Caton, D.A. Redmer, L.P. Reynolds, and K.A. Vonnahme.

Graduate Student Competition

In the M.S. oral competition, Erin Harris placed third with her presentation "Impact of maternal exercise on maternal body composition, fetal growth, and umbilical blood flow in the pig." Authors are E.K. Harris, B.J. Bartling, T.L. Neville, J.D. Kirsch, J.D. Magolski, E.P. Berg, and K.A. Vonnahme.

In the Ph.D. competition, Leslie Lekatz placed second in the poster division with her poster "Supranutritional selenium and nutritional plane during gestation do not affect cortisol production in lambs. Authors are L.A. Lekatz, T.L. Neville, D.A. Redmer, L.P. Reynolds, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme.

Other graduate students who participated at the meeting were:

Leticia (Ely) Camacho who presented "Effects of nutritional plane and dietary selenium during gestation on serum prolactin and estradiol-17β (E2) in ewe lambs during pregnancy and lactation." Authors are L.E. Camacho, A.M. Meyer, D.M. Hallford, G. Perry, L.P. Reynolds, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme.

Allison Meyer who presented "Effects of nutritional plane and selenium supply during gestation on circulating non-esterified fatty acid and thyroid hormone concentration in first-parity ewe lambs." Authors are A.M. Meyer, D.R. Montonye, J.J. Reed, L.P. Reynolds, D.A. Redmer, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme.

In addition there were the following collaborative efforts:

West Virginia University – "Nutrient restriction from early to late pregnancy decreases circulating insulin like growth factor-1 concentration in pregnant ewe lambs receiving maintenance or undernourishment." Authors are T.A. Wilmoth, A.M. Meyer, M.E. Wilson, J.S. Caton, and K.A. Vonnahme.

Caleb Lemley, ADSA Young Dairy Scholar – "Progesterone clearance in dairy cows fed an insulin stimulating diet. Authors are C.O. Lemley, L.R. Tager, T.A. Wilmoth, K.M. Krause, K.A. Vonnahme, and M.E. Wilson.






Faculty Participation
Gregory Lardy served as the national ASAS Program Chair and Midwest Section Director. In addition, he gave an invited presentation in the Beef/Small Ruminant Extension ession entitled "Filling in the gaps in forage and feed needs."

J.W. Schroder served at the Chair of the Graduate Student Poster Competition.

Kimberly Vonnahme was the Chair of the Physiology Section. She received the Young Animal Scientist Teaching Award at the meeting (see last week’s newsletter).

Larry Reynolds was an invited speaker at the Physiology Symposium. He presented "The role of placental programming in life-long health and productivity." Authors are L.P. Reynolds, P.P. Borowicz, J.S. Luther, C.J. Hammer, K.R. Maddock-Carlin, A.T. Grazul-Bilska, J.S. Caton, D.A. Redmer, and K.A. Vonnahme.

David Newman received the National Pork Board Education Award for "Pork Information Gateway serves as online clearinghouse for pork production information." Authors are M.T. See, K. Beeler, M. Whitney, G. Thome, M. Swan, M. Morrow, Y. Li, T. Baas, B. Richert, R. Knox, S. Pohl, A. Sutton, S. Moeller, J. Sterle, P. Holden, M. Hardin, K. Leedom-Larson, D. Newman, and D. Meisinger.

Congratulations to all authors, presenters, and award winners!

MSAS 2010 Quad Team

Grad MSAS 2010 Oral Comp

Undergrad MSAS 2010 Oral Comp

Leslie Lakatz MSAS 2010



































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