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For department employees

Handy list of links and internal forms for use by employees of the department. Please scroll to a specific category for the form or info you need (i.e. Accounting section for Pro-Card form, or Travel section for Motor Pool or Travel forms).


Information for employees of the Animal Sciences Department

Please scroll to a specific category for the form or info you need
(i.e. Accounting section for Pro-Card form, or the Travel section for Motor Pool or Travel forms).


*** ANSC Departmental Quick List******

HR/Payroll online access for individuals

FERPA form
NDSU Animal Sciences GUESTS


Employees, hiring hourly

  • Step 1:  IDs  
    New hire takes IDs (as listed on I-9 form, see page 5) to HR/Payroll office, located in the SGC Building at 1919 University Dr N, Suite H102. 

  • Step 2: Employment Info Form
    Supervisor & employee complete Employment Infoform. 

  • Step 3:  Hultz Hall
    New hire brings yellow ID receipt from HR (from step 1) and completed Info form (from step 2) to secretary in Hultz Hall.   (If they turn these items in to supervisor, supervisor must get these items to the secretary ASAP.)

  • Step 4:  Emails with instructions
    After secretary enters information into payroll system, the new hire receives emails from HR.  New hires MUST follow the instructions given to them in the emails (outlined in the paperwork given to them by HR when they showed IDs)

  • Step 5:  Safety Office
    Supervisor completes Appendix B, Hazard and Risk Assessment.    
    Supervisor gives to new hire along with Appendix D, Health Assessment,.
    Employee makes appointment with Safety Office to take completed paperwork to them.

  • NOTESupervisor can have student go to HR first, then bring yellow sheet to them before completing Step 2.  This would let the supervisor know that the student is eligible to start work on or after the date stamped on that yellow page.   Remove the yellow sheet from the packet; -- student keeps the rest of HR instructions packet.  The yellow sheet AND the employment info form must be turned in at Hultz Hall for entry into the system, and can be turned in by either the new employee OR the supervisor. 

>>>  TIMESHEET <<<   form used by Animal Sciences

Academic Affairs Committee Forms

& Guidelines



Large Format Posters

Advising Resources

Microsoft 365 Email & Skype for Business

Blackboard - Instructor Resources

 IT, Computer and Email Resources

Campus Connection - Faculty/Staff Resources


  • To have keys issued, use departmental   Key Request Form.    Give to department's Key Control Official (KCO).  KCO will order keys which will be picked up and signed for at Facilities by the person the keys are made for.

  • To return keys, return them to KCO.  Any person terminating from their position must turn in all keys assigned to them to prevent being charged for missing/lost keys.

Career Center

PTE Documents

Animal Sciences PTE Guidelines

Collaboration and Data Storage Resources

Purchasing Cards - JP Morgan

  • J.P.Morgan log in site:
    Use Organization: NDAKOTA

    Log in every 1st of every month to check for forgotten or fraudulent charges, and download statement.

  • Animal Sciences version of Purchasing Card Record Form - fillable PDF form, auto-adds

  • YouTube video of ANSC dept pro-card training: 

  • Include statement, Record Form (see above), and all receipts in your plastic green envelope and turn in on 1st of month. 

  • Please contact Deb if you will be out of town or otherwise unable to turn in on 1st to make other arrangements.   You may be able to turn in early, and/or scan record form and receipts to meet deadlines and turn in the originals later.


Equipment Available for Checkout


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