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Beef Cattle Research Complex

BCRC 3The NDSU Beef Cattle Research Complex was dedicated in 2011. It is a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet the needs of beef cattle research at NDSU well into the future. The BCRC allows NDSU to accomplish the vast array of research needed to meet the challenges of 21st century beef cattle production.

The cattle complex consists of a feeding area, animal handling, calving pens, office and laboratory space, and feed storage and mixing area covering 22,900 sq. feet.

Check out this documentary, "A Day in the Life: NDSU Beef Cattle Research Center," produced by  Ryan Nelson of the Bison Information Network.


  • Store, mix, and deliver feed ingredients including hays, grains, silages, wet and dry byproducts,and liquid supplements
  • Measure and control individual feed intake of 192 head of cattle
  • Feed growing and finishing cattle, as well as cows and bulls
  • Process and weigh all classes of cattle in the handling system
  • Use the maternity and calving area through calving

What types of research will this facility allow us to do?BCRC 1

  • Nutrition
  • Reproductive physiologyBCRC 2
  • Genomics
  • Management and production
  • Pre-harvest food safety
  • Economics
  • Animal behavior
  • Environmental management
  • Nutrient management
  • Meat science and carcass quality


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