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AIM offers a full menu of histological techniques. Although not a complete list, below are some of the services we offer:



A critical step in histology where biological samples are preserved in a fixative to prevent decay, putrification, and autolysis from happening.


The aim of tissue processing is to remove the water from tissue by a series of dehydration and clearing steps. This is done so that the samples can be infiltrated by a embedding medium, such as paraffin wax.


The embedding step is taking the infiltrated tissue samples and giving them proper orientation with a paraffin block. Improper tissue orientation can affect staining and microscopy later. 


A microtome is used to create tissue sections from the paraffin blocks that will be placed on glass slides for staining. 

Frozen Sectioning

Cryostats are used to make tissue slides from fresh tissues that have been frozen in OCT (Optimum Cutting Temperature medium).

H&E Staining

Hematoxylin and Eosin Stain is nuclear and cytoplasmic stain used to observe the morphology of cells and tissues. 

Special Stains

Special stains are used to highlight specific areas within a tissue or cell. These are the special stains offered:

  • Periodic Acid Schiffs
  • Oil Red O
  • Van Geison's


These types of staining use antibodies to target a specific protein in a sample.  

If you don't not see a service you need or would like more information, please Email: with any questions you may have. 


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