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Flax prices and values: United States

  • Agricultural Prices: current price data from USDA Agricultural Prices Monthly.
  • Crop Values: annual summary of price per bushel.
  • Oil Crop Outlook Reports

    Oil Crops Outlook reports are monthly publications including trends, trade, prices and outlook for oil crops including flaxseed (as well as soybean, canola, peanut, corn and other oils). Produced by the Economic Research Service of USDA, the reports are usually published the second week of each month. The link will access the ERS site with the latest as well as the archive of previous Oil Crops Outlook reports.

Flax production: United States For world information and data, go to our World Production pages.

  • Current Plantings and Production: annual summaries of plantings and crop yield from USDA
  • Oil Crop Outlook Reports (see above for description)
  • Organic Flax Production National and state level tables on organic production of commodities; includes multiple years of data in excel worksheets. For flax, use:

    Table 3. Certified organic and total U.S. acreage, selected crops, and livestock.

    Table 8. Certified organic oilseeds: Acres of flax, sunflowers, and unclassified oilseeds by State

Flax exports & imports: United States For world information and data, go to our World Trade pages.

  • FAS Online: Searchable database of exports from and imports to the United States. Data provided by USDA Foreign Agricultural Service's Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (FATUS) department.
  • Value of US flaxseed exports 1989-present. Annual summaries of value US Flax exports by country.



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