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Seeding Information

  • Seeding rate An extension publication from NDSU.
  • Planting information Summary recommendations for seeding date, rate, seed treatment and other recommendations. From NDSU ProCrop.
  • Planting responses Tables representing seeding rate and environment and the effect on lodging; also includes summary results from seeding date studies from Minot ND.
  • Seeds and seeding practices Summary information on seed selection, seed treatment, seedbed preparation, seeding rates, seeding date, irrigation and preferred soil types. Provided by Flax Council of Canada.
  • Nitrogen and seeding rates Study about flax response to nitrogen and seeding rates. Provided by NDSU Research Extension Center.
  • Seed, Requirements, & Practices Summary of a variety of information regarding flax and flax seeding including seeding preparation, seeding germination, seeding date, seeding method, and seeding rate among more information. From the Alternative Field Crops Manual provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Minnesota-St. Paul and retrieved from the NewCROP database.
  • Seeding Recommendations Summary of recommended seed choices, seeding times, and seeding preparation. Article written by James Duke and provided by NewCROP and Purdue University and retrieved from the NewCROP database.

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