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Different Insects

  • Flax Insects Extension publication summarizing flax insect pests and current recommendations for control. From the North Dakota Field Crop Insect Management Guide; produced by NDSU Extension, and NDSU Dept. of Entomology
  • Field Insects: Flax Major and minor insects of flax with descriptions and photos. Provided by Flax Council of Canada.
  • Diagnostic guide Tables of flax production problems caused by disease, weeds, environmental distress, agrochemical applications and insect pests, with recommended solutions. Provided by Flax Council of Canada.
  • Grasshopper Biology and Management Extensive description of biology, life stages, Northern Plains species. Control method recommendations do not include flax. Provided by NDSU Extension.
  • The Armyworm and the Army Cutworm Description of biology, life states, Northern Plains species, and control methods. Provided by NDSU Extension
  • Insects Brief summary of insects that may damage flax. From the Alternative Field Crops Manual provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota-St. Paul and retrieved from the NewCROP database.

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