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Index to the Flax Institute of the United States Proceedings (1932-present)

AGRICOLA Direct link to the National Agricultural Library's index to agricultural research literature AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) More than 2,000 journals are reviewed for indexing; books, pamphlets, and proceedings are also included.Agricola covers 1970-present, and is available for searching without charge to the general public.

CRIS (Current Research Information Service) Direct link to the full text database CRIS for ongoing research projects funded by the USDA. These projects are federally funded, and are current endeavors. The results may not have been published; however, the approach, progress and results are available full text from this site. Searches both agronomic(CREES) and nutritional (HNRMS) USDA funded research projects.

North Dakota Extension publications: Direct dynamic link to the ND Extension publications page. Most publications are full-text. Key word search: flax.

All states' Extension Publications. Direct link to the E-online searchable database of all state's online extension publications.


Historical Publications and Research

North Dakota Bibliography of Agriculture and Rural Life Literature 1860-1945 A comprehensive index of all states is in process of being constructed. Part of a national project to index and preserve important agricultural information.

Index to North Dakota Farmer (published 1899-1918). (NOTE: indexing currently in progress; years 1899-1906 have been completed.)

Index to North Dakota Farm Research (formerly Bi-Monthly Bulletin) 1938-1994 ( in process. check back later )





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